• January 20th, 2012.
    I have decided to start keeping a journal for this year. I had a strange feeling I would be needing this somehow I don't know.Well today at work in the hospital there was a lot of bite victims in the ward. I just think it's anothor riot and they're just bitey. For some reason they've always gone critial and we qarintined them. I left for the book store and bought this journal and headed home. Mary (my wife) have also been clawed by one of those rioters outside. There's not to many of them now,but I bought a rifle just in case. I'm tired now so I'm going to stop writing now. Well see you tomorrow journal.

    January 22nd, 2012.
    Mary has gotten worse.She's turning pale but she's cold. I've never seen an infection like this. I took her to the hospital but they turned as away. They said they were full,and I got mad and hit the fellow doctor in the face then left for home in our jeep. It seems like the riot has gotten bigger are filling the streets. It was hard not to run over anyone but I managed to do it. We got home and I had her lay in the living room I tryed giving her medication in the household but nothing seemed to work. I went to the bed room and layed down for a spell. I'm worried for Mary, I'm afraid she might...No I must not think like this. I'm going to stop writing for awhile and take a nap. January 23rd 2012.
    Back at work the poeple in the Q wards have suddenly moving around out of bed. Armed personal entered the room. It was deathly quiet for two seconds then the shots rang out. The officers yelled out then it was silent. I was the first one into the room and to my horror the infected poeples are feasting on the officers! These poeple were no longer poeple,they were monsters. I quickly grab the gun from one of dead officers and almost got bit. I ignored my close call and shot one of the pople square in the chest. To my surprise he didn't go down. This time I aimed for the head and pulled the trigger. It went down and soon the others noticed me and run towards me! I quickly ran out the room and locked it behind me. I kept the gun and ran for my car. Many infected personal were outside but I quickly enter my jeep and head for home. I enter my house and find Mary off the couch. I find her swaying in the bath room. I touched her on the shoulder and she attacks me but I quickly jump back. I shut the bathroom and I thought to myself. What will I do? I knew she was one of them. I started crying and then shes banging at the bathroom door. Tears stream down my face as I force open the door and she stumbles back. I quickly aim and shoot my ex-wife in the head.I'm done writing today... I'm go lay down and... I don't know...sleep I guess.