• Prologue

    I KNEW THE END WAS NEAR. I COULD FEEL IT APPROACHING AS THEY SHIFTED. The long line took stances, sizing us up. We were severely out-numbered, but I smiled. I lifted my hands up and went over spells in my head. I looked over to see Jack, his eyes full of anguish at what was about to go down. It had been his job to protect me, but he believed he failed.
    I shook my head and sent a thought to him. Everything will be fine. I wasn’t completely sure, but I had to lift his spirits. We couldn’t have anyone being depressed in our last moments.
    I took a deep breath and watched them get ready to charge. I don’t know why, but at that moment, I felt at peace. I knew there was a very small chance of all of us surviving, but my family, old and new, was there. We were all selflessly supporting each other for the first time in years…

    Why was I suddenly facing certain death? Let me go back a year. The date is March 31st, 2010.