• Running on the dirt road, Dinesty tried to keep a steady pace with Katrila. "Katrila, What's going on? Dinesty said trying to breath though her chest was killing her.

    I don't know. I was going out for pizaa with my family, and this black thing attacked them and they disappeared. Then Salcom saved me. With that...Keyblade thingy..." Katrila said staring at the Blade thing on Salcoms back.

    "Ok we can take a breather here." Salcom said while stopping and looking back down the dirt road.

    Katrila looked at Salcoms face. SO gorgeous but now she noticed a scar running down the left side of his face. "Salcom, What happend to your face? I didn't see anything scratch you." She said with worry in her voice.

    He looked at her in the eyes then grabbed his, what seemed to be a keyblade, and stared at his face in it. "Oh that little thing?" He said with a smirk on his face. "Oh thats nothing. That's been there ever since I fought that last foe." He said as he strapped his keyblade back onto his back.

    "Hold up, Youve fought these things before?" Dinesty said as she stared at the new realized scar on his face.

    "Yes I have, for almost as long as I can remember." He said looking at her. " I guess I should explain to you whats going on here." He said while looking at both of them indevidualy.

    "Ya that would be kinda good." Dinesty said with a smirk.

    "Ok well...Lets start at the beginng.....

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