• The night was just as dark as a locked room without light, even at 2 o’ clock AM. A giant streak of silver had just crossed the air, landing into the ground. It was a blade. About 5 inches wide, and about 24 inches, going vertical. It was a giant blade indeed.
    A hand was holding firmly on the handle of the blade, it wasn’t at all a male’s hand. It was a female’s hand; a girl who was only fourteen. The look on her face was mainly emotionless. There was a ringing coming from the girl. The girl dug into her pocket and took out a cell phone. She flipped it and placed it on her ear, “Hello?”
    “Nanako? Are you finished yet?” The girl smiled, “I finished up with Section-C just right now, so I’ll be heading back now.”
    “All right. We’re so sorry we had to call you out for work this late in the night.” The girl shook her head, “It’s all right, I, Kyojinha Nanako, no matter what time or where, I will get the job done.” Nanako was silent, “To destroy those from different worlds who have come to our world for destruction is my job, as a Youkai Hunter.”
    “I guess you’re right… Well, get a good sleep tonight, you have school today, don’t you?” Nanako nodded, “Yeah… But you know… ‘They’ are coming out an awful lot during the night nowadays. It’s been making me worried. We still don’t know where the gap between this world and the Youkai world is…” Nanako was looking around as she was speaking.
    “Don’t worry, Touya and everyone else are still investigating on that matter. Is there anything else you’d like to ask before you go home?” Nanako thought, “Oh yeah, can you tell Touya something for me?”
    “Sure, what is it?”
    “Tell him, ‘Nanako says I’m not your older sister, you’re about twice the age I am and also, stop touching my pocky!’. That’s all, is that okay, Saki?” Saki laughed, “I’ll be sure to tell him that. All right, see you tomorrow or so.”
    “All right, bye.” Before Nanako hung up, she heard ‘Hey Touya,’ before she had hung up. Nanako was glad that Saki listened to her. Nanako looked at the floor, there was a puddle of blood. Nanako rose her blade, and swung it over her shoulders, into it’s sheath which holds it against her back. As Nanako left the scene, she left foot prints of blood. The victim, a group of monsters that came from another world.