• "it's nice to see you again Mercedes". he says. "you two have meet". Stella asks with a million questions just looking in her eyes. " a few times" Mercedes says. "oh Stella i'm leaving tomorrow." "oh yes your leaving for about 2 months right". she asks "yes and this time im alone". "then can me and disaster come with you". "sure meet me in the forest at sun rise and make sure you have horses." "we will." "oh you can tell disaster why i have to leave but wait in tell i leave" i say. " i must be going now see you tomorrow" "goodbye" they both say

    as she walks home she thinks about what she just got her self into. she let two people come with her on a dangerous that if they weren't careful they could get killed. she stopped thinking about that and hurried home.

    "I'm home" Mercedes says as she enters the door. "great now hurry up and eat and then go to bed." her mother says all jittery. Mercedes looks at kale. "shes drunk". he says. "oh". she says as she eats. "i cant believe your leaving tomorrow". Lydia says "can i go with you" "no" Mercedes and kalo say. "your to young." "but i want to go" she whines. "Lydia Anne your only 12 so stop your whining." their father says. "fine" she says. "I'm going to bed." Mercedes says. "goodnight" every one says.

    Mercedes wakes up with only an hour in tell sun rise so she had to hurry. she grab all her things and ran to the stables to get her horse. "i hope im not late' she says she rides to the forest and sees Stella and Disaster in the distance. "Sorry that i'm late." Mercedes says. "it's fine but we better hurry" Disaster says. "Lead the way Mercedes" Stella says.

    As they ride Mercedes thinks about how the journey would be without people with her. she was so lost in though in thought she didn't see something strike her side. she falls off her horse and lands on the cold hard ground. "Mercedes!" Stella screams as she jump off her horse. "Stella heal her while i take care of these beast" Disaster says quickly grabbing his sword. Stella nods and then goes to healing Mercedes. she mumbles something and Mercedes is almost completely healed. Mercedes looks around and sees the beasts that attacked her on the ground dead. Disaster runs over to her and Stella. "Mercedes are you okay?" he asks. "I'm fine i just wasn't paying attention" she says. "well next time pay more attention"Stella says. "i thought gods and goddesses couldn't die." Disaster says "they can but not from diseases and sickness" Mercedes says. "oh well we should let you rest but we might have to ride all night " Stella says. "okay"Mercedes says "there's no point in arguing with a healer". Mercedes falls asleep then wakes up at sunset . she sees Disaster is still awake but Stella is sound asleep. Mercedes gets up and walks over to Disaster. "you should get some sleep" she says. "im fine im gaurding the camp so we dont get attacked again." he says. "fine then but when you get tired when were riding we aren't gonna stop." she says "i dont get tired that easily i used to stay up for weeks" he says. "you still get some sleep" "Mercedes" he says "what" she says as she turns to look at him. he grabs her hands and gently kisses her. "stop worrying so much that's Stella job" he says. "fine ill stop worrying" she says. looking into his eyes. he kisses her again and this time he kisses her back. "i'm still kinda tired' she says "then go to sleep ill wake you and Stella up when we should start riding again" "goodnight" she says "goodnight Mercedes" he says