• Chapter One the Beginning
    “He just wouldn’t leave me alone no matter how much I screamed and yelled or cried. It’s not fair he wasn’t supposed to die not now not in this retched place this wasn’t supposed to be the last thing he saw it was supposed to be mine. I know I know it’s my fault he wouldn’t have come here if it wasn’t for me if he just knew how I felt do you think he would have stayed not searching for a reason to come search for me? Oh what I wouldn’t do to have one more day to save him. Like a redo or a chance but unfortunately this isn’t a game it isn’t some childish game that you can restart when ever you lose or roll again…now what do I do he’s dead and I failed. I guess I leave the dark and foggy alleys of London England and go back to Wick Scotland at least I’ll feel safe there.” Alison thought as she treaded across the streets. She finally knew what it felt like to fail for the first time and have your whole life depend on her succeeding. She knew that with out Blane’s help she would never find Cate and never kill her and the curse that she put upon her family will continue for generations to come.
    Two years had passed her father soon died after diagnosed with the bubonic pelage and she knew that in five years she two will be dead and she swore under her breath “damn you grandfather damn you to hell and many years as a swine for you are the reason your son is dead I spit on you” Soon after that her mother came into the room with a glass of wine and started to weep as she let her brother and nephew take her late husbands body to the family crept. Her mother soon turned to her and whispered “get out” Alison knew what her mother said and turned to her, her mother screamed “GET OUT you’re the reason he’s dead you took him away from me you failed once again” and Alison knew her mother was right, he would be alive right now smoking his pipe and telling sea chanteys. He would be alive if she just vanquished Cate as she was supposed to do; Cate would have died yet since she still thrives the curse gets stronger.
    She left that night to complete the mission that was thrust upon her she left everything except a journal she bonded together just a week before her father died she thought it would keep her sane and help her to never forget and that’s what she needed right now was to not forget…anything and this moment.
    She snuck into her neighbors farm and stole the first horse she could find it was pitch black the only reason she saw it was because her eyes (the horse she named Ann) were glowing bright green (the moon hit them). The galloped through Inverness when she noticed that she left her journal back in Dundee in her neighbors farm but she couldn’t think of that right now she needed to rest they hadn’t stopped all night it was like the horse new how egger Alison was to get back to London England. They slept for about 14 hours they would have slept longer but they were interrupted by the sound of a dog barking. “What’s the awful sound”? Alison cried she saw a deformed dog with patches of fur it whimpered and cried and proceeded to lye on the road for about 10 minuets. Than out of the abyss came a coach flying almost at high speed and sadly ran over the poor dogs head.
    The coach stopped and a beautiful young woman‘s head popped out of the window she looked right at Alison and smiled but that realized that she had ran over the poor dog. The young woman left her coach and proceeded to star at Alison. “… Hi I’m Cassadie and your are?” the young woman said revealing her self to Alison with a smile. “…do you have a name are you a orphan… no you cant be an orphan your nicely dressed…girl what is your name?” “Alison still in shock seeing two deaths in the same week. “Um my name is Alison and uh- you kind of ran over that poor mutt.” Cassadie turned and saw what she had ran over and started to cry “poor animal no one should die from a retched coach like this” she said “…you name is Alison?...I’m going to call you Alyss and if you want you shall come with me to my grandfathers farm an I shall get you a new dog.” Alison looking at her with a blank face said nothing until Cassadie said.
    “Do you understand me?” Alison replied “yes I do and no I don’t” now Cassadie looked at Alison “I’m afraid you lost me you don’t understand me?” NO I DO…I-ah its not my dog” confessed Alison “Ohhhh okay well than never mind I thought I would have to go out of my way to help a young traveler well that’s grate…I mean it not being your dog not that its dead” Cassadie replied “Oh well I hope to see you again soon Alyss.” Cassadie said with a calming smile. “Now driver onward to Glasgow we must get to England before next full moon father does expected me to be there and-” Cassadie yelled to her driver but was interrupted by Alison.
    Alison hated traveling alone it seemed to boring. “Would you mind if I came with you?” Alison asked in the most innocent voice she could make out and with that soothing calm warm delightful smile Cassadie said “yes” Than continued to scream at her driver and told him to and another rein to the coach for Alison’s horse. As the driver did what he was supposed to Cassadie stared at Alison “Well are you coming or not it was your idea I never take credit for anything that wasn’t my idea and am always eager to tell when they are my ideas.” Alison hopped into the coach after Cassadie. The driver slowly inched the coach up to the furious speed it was at the first time it stopped. Alison tried to not move like Cassadie but the driver was going to fast Alison wondered how Cassadie could just sit there and not move an inch on this bumpy horrified road. “Call me Cassie” Cassadie said with a smile Alison looked in point blank face “…okay…Cassadie-uh I mean Cassie thanks for the ride I really do mean I should find a way to repay you once we make it to London.” “No repayment is necessary to tell you the truth I hate going back and fourth from Scotland to London the only reason I do it is because my father moved to Scotland and my mother stayed in London so your actually doing me a favor going alone makes me absolute bonkers.” Cassie confessed.
    They stopped at a farm in Ayr to sleep and eat and once more. That night Alison couldn’t sleep she tossed and turn she also screamed. “What the hell is going on in here?” asked Cassadie looking bewildered from the lack of sleep. But soon after that Alison was asleep So Cassadie went out side because she couldn’t fall back asleep. “Arrgghh” went a loud cry that came out of nowhere than she turned around and saw a young man that had been badly wounded as Cassadie’s natural extinct to wounded creatures she invited him in for the night she soon realized that he was going to London too. Cassadie couldn’t just leave a wounded man here alone. So she offered to give him a ride to London and he gladly accepted.