• *NOTE* this is the seventh chapter in my Broken Storyline, if you wish to read the whole tale check them out

    Jack smiled as he remembered everything.

    The alleyway was dark and grimy, a lone girl quickly ran down it in fear. The girl had some relationship problems, her boyfriend would always get drunk and beat her. She started running from him, when he pulled a gun on her. As her feet collided with the puddles they made loud splashing noises, letting everyone in the distance area now her location. Quickly she turned off and hid in a smaller alley, she stopped to catch her breath and saw her boyfriend walking down the other alley with a gun in his hand. What the girl didn't know was that someone was standing behind her, a muffled scream and she was gone. Jack, her boyfriend heard the scream and rushed to the alley turn off. This second alleyway was even darker, almost pitch black, it smelled of urine. Jack slowly walked into the alley, and caught a glimpse of a man in a trench coat. "Who's there?" Jack yelled down the alley, the figure turned around and you could practically feel him smile in delight.

    "Why Jack what a pleasant surprise running into you here. Have you seen Jim lately? I've been looking for him." the man said as he approached Jack.

    "Tobi? Is that you?" ,Jack questioned, "I heard my girlfriend scream, you seen her?"

    "Oh Jack I wish you hadn't said that. We were having a nice conversation" Tobi said as he walked up to Jack and stabbed him repeatedly in the stomach. As Jack hit the ground, the last thing he saw was his girlfriend laying dead on the ground with her organs sprawled out around her.

    After Jack died, Tobi walked up to him and took his wallet. He took Jack's money and I.D. and threw the rest on the ground. "Jack Masterson, my old friend. Now I am you and you are dead." Jack laughed as he took out a knife to remove the couple's fingerprints, teeth, and other revealing things.


    After killing Jack Tobi decided to take his identity, so he went out and got his hair cut, and dyed, changed his name, and bought a pair of glasses with plastic lenses. Jack walked down the street, he was following his old friend Jim. Years ago Jack and Jim betrayed Tobi by robbing his house and making off with his car, what they didn't know was that Tobi was a murderer and he was bound to find them one day. Now after killing Jack and taking his identity, it was now time for Jim to get his medicine. Suddenly, and unexpectedly Jim jumped into a taxi and soon disappeared in a crowd of cars. Jack ran to try to find Jim, but he ran straight into a random girl and fell to the ground. Jack looked up and the sun reflected off his glasses, a girl's hand came down to him and he grabbed it, she pulled him up. "Sorry for knocking you over, My name is Maria Swan. I feel like I should make this up to you, let me buy you a cup of coffee" Maria said as she walked toward a coffee shop.


    After meeting Maria, Jack lost track of Tobi and couldn't find him again. Jack and Maria soon got married and moved to Jack's hometown. After knowing Jack for two years, Maria found out he was a killer, but she stayed with him because she loved him. Tensions slowly raised over the years and she couldn't take it anymore. Jack discovered that Jim had fled to their hometown after noticing he was being followed, he now worked at the bank. Jack drove up to the bank and said "Stay here Maria, I have some unfinished business", he got out and pulled a shotgun and a knife out of the trunk. Jack kicked the door to the bank open and shot his gun into the air, "WHERE'S JIM?" he yelled as people dropped down to the floor. Jim came out from the back and said "Tobi, or is it Jack now? I thought I'd lost you eight years ago."

    "How did you know about me Jim?" Jack said pointing the gun at Jim's chest.

    "Jack called me, and told me to watch my back. He knew you were following him, but he couldn't do anything about it" Jim said as he tried for Jack's gun. In response Jack quickly shot leaving a hole in Jim's chest. Jim was now dead, he revenge complete he now had to get rid of the witnesses. Jack started shooting people, quickly killing them. This action caused people to jump and start trying to escape. After Jack was out of ammo he finished up by slicing into the remaining people with his knife. Everyone in the room was now dead, so Jack turned around to leave.

    Now in front of him was Maria, "I called the police" she said, "Your not getting away". Maria blew some powder into his face, and he reacted by stabbing the knife into her heart. Jack fell to the ground, the powder was some sort of amnesia dust. When he woke up Jack had no memory of what happened, he didn't even know his name. He only learned his name when he looked at his I.D., and even then it still wasn't his real name.

    Ten Minutes Earlier

    Jim hit the floor hard, he was almost instantly killed by the blast. Soon everything around Jim grew dark and he started falling through the darkness. After a long time of falling, Jim finally landed in a giant beautiful city of ice that seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. He made his way into the castle and was directed by the guards to the throne room. "You know the one known as Tobi right?" the queen said as he entered the room.

    "Yes, but I think he goes by Jack now" ,Jim said, "Why am I here?".

    "Because I need your help, to get Tobi to help me. I fate of the world depends on it." the queen said as she transported Jim back to Earth. Jim woke up at the bank and saw Jack laying on the ground. "He appears to have been covered in amnesia dust, this is prefect. I'll just alter his memories so when he starts to get them back he won't be against us." the queen said as a disembodied voice. Jim looked around freaked out but soon realized it was the queen talking to him.

    As Jack started to stir, Jim quickly said "Crap he is waking up get me outta here".


    "What do you want me to do Julie?" Jack said as he stood up.

    "I want you to stop a new threat from destroying everything in existence" Julie said with a grim face.