• I sit on a bench in the park, sighing about the memories of the fall night. It was windy yet beautiful. I hear footsteps walking up to me and before I know it, Connor Keith is before me. He grabs my hand and pulls me to my feet. My heart skips a beat as his warm smile grabs hold of me.

    "Hello, Connor." I whisper, looking down at my feet. He lets go of my hand and I follow him. The sun sets over the horizen and the warm day turns into an icy cold night.

    "Connor where are we going"? I ask him several times before he spins around and hisses in my ear, "Shutup and pay attention and you just might figure it out!" I walk slowly behind him, not noticing how his footsteps get farther away.

    I finally look up to see nothing in front of me. I run through the woods and look left and right untill I am out of breathe. I notice a house and see neon lights coming from it. I see Connor walk in.

    "Connor!" I screech, racing towards the house. He turns and smiles. "Hey, I thought you went home!" He laughs nervously. " Connor...What's the matter?" I pester him constintly. "NOTHING!" He yells at me, before I walk over the the refreshments stand and get a Mountain Dew for him and a Suicide (Cherry Crush and Dr.Pepper) for me.

    I walk over to him and hand him the cup, and he chugs it. I take a drink and the room spins. Connor starts spinning naround like a gazelle and I stop him. " I hafta go piss...." He starts toward the bathrooms.

    I walk around the place for I while before seeing my best friend, Talia Steele, walking too. "Hey, Tallie!" I hiss at her. "Hey Taylor!" She says in my direction. "How's teh party? Are ya enjoin' it? Are ya gonna go see the fire crackers in the back yard?" She asks, and I answer yes to all. I wave and go looking for my boyfriend. I see pink lights in a room so I walk to the door and peek in.

    And I almost pass out. Connor and the hottest girl in my grade, Breanne Tonkin, is in there without a shirt on, Connor eating it up. I smell achohal, and notice how Breanne walks. Damn her! I burst there, slap her upside the head, and throw her into a wall.

    I run up to Connor and slap him. I wasn't going to go ahead and let my dream come true. I scream in his face, "********?!" He growls before pushing me back and storming out of the room. I chase after him and notice Hailey Lau grabbing at his chest.

    "Taylor...Hello." Hailey says, obviously shocked. " Connor...." I collasp to the floor, the tears that glazed my chocolate eyes pouring down my flushed cheeks. He gets down to eye height and lifts my chin. He kisses me before sitting in a chair. Hailey just sits their and a moment later, is all touchy-feely with Connor.

    I stand up and run through the house and to the door. I hear loud footsteps behind me . I run and run untill my legs go numb. I don't stop running, and I don't stop hearing footsteps behind me. I turn around to see Connor lagging behind me. I run to my house and slam the door. I lock it before racing upstairs. I pack a few sets of clothes and write a note to my parents. I put my ;aptop, dsi, and pencils and paper in there before jumping out my window. I run through the front yard and hear Connor chase after me. I turn around and punch him square in the jaw.

    I scream when he collasps to the ground. I shake him awake and I run away from him. It always will be like this. Fun games lke tag. But we run away together as just friends.