• As I silently waited his face fought itself back into my mind. I did not think he was a beautiful, godlike creature. I had hated his dangerously sweet scent; how it had pulled me into a trance. I disliked his crystal blue eyes, which hungrily stared at me, eating me with its pure glance. I could not stand his black hair softly falling into his face. Mostly I hated his magnificent features; his well defined muscles and his slim face. How every part of him was like an endless stream of mysterious glamour, pulling me right into his arms. I hated him. His being haunted my nightmares. Nothing but daytime was safe, I knew this. I had been forced into the world of a living hell. Panic rose inside of me, knowing I would be one of them walking among the living, leading innocence into the grip of hell. Gates of a new world had opened themselves to me; a new world I would rather not be part of. Somewhere deep down I regretted running. Maybe if I had stayed with him last night, I would be truly dead, a rotten corpse. But I ran. The want to live was too strong. And as daytime faded, I ran once more. Trying to hide from the night.

    Holding myself I wished I could cry over the fact that I wouldn’t be missed. I had already lost everything. My family was long gone. And the people I had called my friends were ignorant, backstabbing fools; them I would not miss. The footsteps were so close now. Breathing was hard. Fear placed itself in the air. I knew he could smell me; even I could smell the sweet essence of my fear rising above my being, dancing in the wind for any one. Pain pulsed through me again. The closer the steps came, the harder I squeezed my green eyes shut. I put my hands to my ears, trying to block out the sound. I knew it wouldn’t work, but the need to at least try made me keep my hands there.