• Once Upon A time There Was A Boy And A Girl Called Miller And Jill. They Live In A Small Green House In A Small Village Called Photosephoency(PhotoSenseTheSea.). They Live In The Green House For 215 Years.
    Miller And Jill Eats Lots Of Interesting Stuff. They Eat Worm Juice , Caterpillers , Ants , and Grasshoppers For Breakfast. They Eat Snail H20 , Black Widow Spiders , and Rouches For Snack. And There FAvorite Meal Of The Day,Dinner! They Have Millipes , Rats , Worms , Slugs And Pig. One Day Miller Was Looking For Grasshoppers For Breakfast Until A Bird Swoop Down And Stab Him To Feed The Bird Babies. Jill Went Outside And Saw A Marshmallow. The Marshmallow Name is Steve. It Was A tragic Thing. He Got stabbed By A Stick. Then Steve Got Burned. Poor Guy. Well Anyways Jill Went Swimming And Went So Deep That A Crocidile SwordFish Stabbed Her. Well Thats All Folks.