• Chapter Three: BLOOD

    I woke up in the middle of the night. A boy was kneeling in front of me on Eichi's bed. He was leaning towards me, licking my neck. He stopped and whispered, "If you scream, you die." I trusted his words, but screamed in my head out of fear. As if the boy read my mind, he shouted, "I said don't scream!" He held my wrists. I flailed my arms to try to shake his hands off my wrists, but he just squeezed tighter. After I ran his voice through my head a few times, I had my guess of who the boy was.

    "Eichi?" I asked. "Yeah," he whispered. Eichi licked my neck once more, then bit it. I couldn't help but to scream in pain. He bit harder and my blood trickled down my neck. It was on my shirt. His hands held mine really tight now. I groaned in pain. Eichi lifted his mouth from my neck and I saw that his mouth was covered with my blood, along with the collar of his shirt. He continued to bite me. I suddenly felt nauseous. I screamed in pain again. He bit down on a vain on my neck and I bled more. Takuto and Wakoji ran in and tried to pull Eichi off me. Wakoji shielded me and a growl ripped out of Eichi's chest. Black spots clouded my vision, trying to fill my eyes. The blood from my neck seeped into the back of Wakoji's shirt.

    I thought I would die from blood loss. I was really scared. Eichi pounced on Wakoji, trying to bite me again. Another growl tore from Eichi's throat. Takuto finally got Eichi downstairs and Wakoji turned around and backed up. I started hypervenilating. "Calm down," he whispered. I hid under the covers and, in a split second, Wakoji had left.

    All this wouldn't have happened if I believed Eichi. If I believed him, he wouldn't have bitten me.

    I was crying really hard. I also felt really nauseous. The thought, sight, taste, or scent of blood made my stomach churn with disgust. I held my stomach and moaned in pain.

    Takuto rushed into the bedroom with a bottle of peroxide. He pulled me out of the covers and into a bathroom. He poured the peroxide onto my neck over the sink. "Takuto, that hurts," I muttered. He told me I needed my bitemark cleaned, that it could get infected and turn me into a vampire. I nodded and tried to regulate my breathing. Takuto grabbed a towel and dabbed my cut to dry it. Then he put a bandage on it. "Wakoji'll sew you up later," he explained.

    It was already morning, so I walked downstairs. Eichi was staring at me as I got my breakfast from Wakoji and sat down. A girl about Wakoji's age was sitting next to me. I assumed she was Hanajima,

    I looked closely at Eichi's mouth, and it still had my blood on it.