• Marii’s unconscious body was dumped into her old room. She lay there until she regained consciousness. Groaning she crawled up onto her bed and pulled her knees to her chest. Hugging them she held the fetal position. She hurt so much. She had cuts all over her body, especially on her back. The torturer favored the whip most. After a while he’d gotten bored with her back, so she also had a few slashes over her stomach,
    ’If they expect me to fight like this, then they might as well have just killed me.’
    She heard a knock at the door. She ignored it. A few moments later she heard it open slightly, and something slide across her bedroom floor. Rolling over she saw that is was a tray covered in Cafeteria food. There a note taped to the tray. Wincing she rolled off the bed slowly and crawled over to the tray. The note read,
    ”In this Arena the only way to survive is to make friends. The children are pointless allies. They die after a couple of weeks the same way yours did. The ones your age are ok, as are older. If you really want out there’s two ways: Get pregnant, or Get Sick. Really sick. We guessed you hadn’t eaten since you got here, we brought you a tray. Don’t try and find us, we’ll find you.”
    She read the note and confusion was well marked on her face. The pain was making her dizzy, and the note. It almost seemed like there was a friendly order of fighters. What do they do with their allies, if they’re dead? Curious she hid the note in case the guards who search the rooms found it, and crawled back into bed. Pulling the covers over her, her dreamsdidn't give her the rest that she needed.