• It was an early morning when Sayumi Mizushima was told by her mother that she was enrolled into Ouran.
    “WHAT?!” Sayumi cried out.
    “I said, you are enrolled in Ouran High School and starting today you are going to wear this,” Sayumi’s mom pulled out a yellow dress with a ribbon around the collar.
    “You know, I’m not gonna wear that,” Sayumi said staring at the dress in disgust.
    “This is a new school, so there will be a new you!” Sayumi’s Mother said. Mrs. Mizushima snapped her hand and two maids came in the room. “You know what to do ladies,”
    “Yes, Ma’am,” both of the maids said in unison as Mrs. Mizushima left the room. 10 min. passed by.
    “You look wonderful,” Mrs. Mizushima exclaimed as she re-entered the room.
    “I look like somebody threw up corn chunks,” Sayumi said.
    “No you don’t, you look beautiful. Now, let’s get you to school,” Mrs. Mizushima said dragging Sayumi to the car.
    After the long and boring drive to Ouran, Sayumi stepped out of the car and stood in front of Ouran, gazing at the High School. After looking at a directory of the school, she rushed to the 3rd music room with her violin, not knowing that the Ouran’s most famous Host Club was held in that room.
    As Sayumi opened the door, flower petals flew towards her, “What the–” Sayumi said, as Sayumi opened her mouth, a flower petal flew into her mouth.
    “Ahkkkkk!!!” Sayumi choked on the flower until she turned blue as Kisame(from Naruto). A boy with brown hair came over and got the flower petal out by performing the Heimlich maneuver on Sayumi.
    “Are you okay,” the boy said.
    “Yeah, I’m alright,” Sayumi said, “What are you guys doing anyways. Isn’t this supposed to be a music room?” silence filled the room.
    “Why, my little dove, this music room has been abandoned for a while and now it is a host club,” a boy with blonde hair said.
    Sayumi cut the boy off after he called her a little dove, “I am not your little dove you gross womanizer!” Sayumi yelled at him.
    Tamaki sat in a corner sulking.
    “What’s wrong with him?” Sayumi whispered to the boy with brown hair.
    “Don’t worry about sempai, he gets like that sometimes,” The boy replied.
    “Oh, okay…I’ll be leaving now,” Sayumi said backing away slowly.
    A tall boy with glasses stepped out, “Please stay, you can request whomever you would like just for a small fee,”
    “But I don’t know anyone here,” Sayumi said.
    “Well, you can request one of the hosts and get to know them,” the boy with glasses said.
    “I am Tamaki, the prince type,” The boy with the blonde hair said.
    “I’m Haruhi,” the boy with brown hair said. “That is Kyouya, Honey, Mori, Hikaru and Kaoru,” Haruhi said as she pointed to each of the host members.
    “We are Ouran’s Host Club, where all the most handsome boys from this school gather to entertain the girls,” Tamaki said.
    “I’ll take a pass on that…” Sayumi said.
    “I’ll let you have some of my cake if you stay!” Honey exclaimed.