• Prologue

    The Nightmare

    As I swayed so ever softly among the beautiful night I stared absent-minded at the full moon. The cold wind made me shiver as it blew on my exposed skin.

    “Jane…?” Erin said as he approached me on the porch. His arms were tight around me now. My hands were around him instantly, resting on his back. I could feel that it was hot and sweaty. I knew straight away he ran to meet me. He kissed me on the head lightly. I closed my eyes as my head was leaned against his fervent body. I turned my head and started to kiss his chest, then along his elongate neck until our lips met.

    There was something unusual the way he kissed me. It was too strong, there was too much tension. My heart pounded rapidly, making the blood in my body flow faster, making my body overheat. I tried to push him away, but his strong arms held me tight against his body. I was running out of air quickly. Then his body turned ice cold, I shivered and tried pushing him away.

    Suddenly he let go. I opened my eyes in shock. I had no idea what had just happened. I grabbed hold of one of the poles supporting the porch roof, grasping for air. As my breathing returned to normal, I looked up surprised to see Max standing there with a huge smile on his face. I started to panic.

    “Wow Jane, I must say. You’re a good kisser.” He shrieked, "Didn't you know I could shape-shift?".

    Suddenly I felt pain, burning pain all over my body. Blood poured out of my mouth, I couldn’t control it. I swallowed a mouth-full of blood, but this made me throw it back up. Then things got worse. My legs began to tremble, they turned blue, then frozen solid. I collapsed to the ground at once.

    “What’s happening to me?” I screamed in horror, "Noooooooo!".