• Rrriiiinnnggg! Rriiinnngggg! Get up! Get up! The beal buzzed, jumped, and annoyed the crap out of me. Slowly getting up, I felt a tug on my shoulder. It felt rough and cold. When I turned my head, a mysterious figure seemed to have just appeared out of mid-air. It was freaky sight, but nothing compared to what was outside the window. A monster lined with patterns, spikes, and very sharp teeth lay there. it's body long and muscular, it's leg huge and there were many. It looked like a mutated caterpillar.
    "AHHHHHH!" I yelled, as I woke up. "Was that dream...? Oh, well, time to get ready for school."
    Natashi, a 21 year-old teenager, sloppily put on his college uniform. The what seemed like a dull day started as the usual, a cup of milk, a bagel, and he was off to a very weird school. Although it was about to change fast.