• I opened up the door and Candice and Tommy stood there smiling but shivering from the cold. “Hey guys come in,” I said and let them in. I shut the door and shivered myself. The air was getting nasty.

    “Ugh! I hate the winter!” Candice complained as she took off her layers of clothes. Tommy laughed and just took off his jacket.

    “I have snacks and stuff but we still didn’t pick out a movie.” I said. Candice laughed.

    “Its ok we brought all three Back to the Futures and chips!” she pulled out a bag of chips. I smiled.

    “Awesome. I love those movies.” Zane looked at me surprised.

    “You like those movies?” he asked. I nodded.

    “Yeah, my dad and I would have weekend movie nights and we would watch them.” Zane was looking at me as if I had raised from the dead.

    “Well,” Candice said and took her seat on the couch. “I’m ready to watch movies and drink something warm what about you guys?”

    Dad came out during the second Back to the Future movie and got into a discussion with Tommy about it then Zane. Candice and I laughed.

    “Its cold in here let me start the fire up for you guys.” he said and went over to the fire place in the corner and brought the flames to life. Zane and I sat on the floor on a blanket and had pillows propped behind our heads. We held hands and we sat an inch apart but Candice was curled up to Tommy beside me. She sighed and we all thanked my dad for making the fire.

    “Night Oll,” Dad said kissing my head as he passed.

    “Mm,” was all I said. Zane gripped my hand tighter as he went past and I looked at him frowning. His jaw was stiff but then as my dad left the room he loosened up. “What’s wrong with you?” I whispered. He looked at me and the fire dance in his blue eyes.

    “Nothing.” He said with a shrug. I frowned. He was wearing a dark green long sleeve t shirt and it was ridden up a little on his side exposing a little black and blue mark. I looked at it then up at him. He looked down as well then covered it up quickly. He wouldn’t look me in the eyes. “Zane?” I whispered. He didn’t respond. What was going on? Why did he have bruises everywhere? I didn’t want to argue with him now. I sat back then laid my head on his shoulder. He flinched slightly but sighed and slouched more on the floor. I could smell his cologne and it smelled good. And I could smell the peppermint. I looked down at our hands and frowned. Why did I like the way our hands fit together? Why did I like the way he kept his hand over mine in a protective way? Remember Olivia it’s just for show. Don’t forget that. If I didn’t already.

    Candice and Tommy went home late that night and had said we should do this again. Zane and I agreed. Zane left not to long after that. He seemed distracted and left quickly. I went to bed and sighed as I saw my mom in bed. I pulled the half empty bottle of Scotch from her hands and covered her up with my comforter. I slipped on a pair of my shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my pillow and a big blanket and went back down stairs to the couch. I lay down and pulled the blanket over me staring at the fire. It was peaceful. It felt like Christmas Eve. I would sneak down stairs after my parents went to bed and wait for Santa. When I turned ten I stayed up all night, waiting. That year I found out that Santa wasn’t real.