• Today someone asked me, 'Chrystal, have you ever thought about the past?' I looked at him and put my hand on his shoulder. Sadly, I realized, I hadn't. I hadn't figured out a career, where I want to go after highschool. I never gave much thought about it. I smiled at the little boy and said these words to him calmly:

    'No, I haven't, but I'll say something about it.

    Come, my dear friends, lay by me and let us stare up at the stars. Allow yourself to gaze up at them and feel small against the dark sky. When the sun arises, we shall pick up our blankets and bags and travel around with the gypsies. As we travel with them, we shall learn the error of our ways. The world is not about technology, it's about family and the new lives coming and the old ones leaving. And for the rest of the day, we shall dance to the gypsy songs. We shall sleep when the evening comes, when the sun starts to set, and we shall forget about everything. Then, after an hour of rest, we shall look at the stars once again, and once again feel small.'

    When he cuddled up to my shoulder as I spoke, I could feel him looking at me. 'What in the world does that mean?' I touched his curly hair and ran my hands through it calmly as I said, "it means that we should realize what makes us tick, but find something beautiful to look at. Find something beautiful to believe in, for we shall be joining those stars."

    I stared at the grave stone, feeling him disappear. I felt my hand fall to my side, as if nothing had happened. Written upon the gravestone was his name: Thomas Kenneth Nelson. Upon the gravestone was his age: only a meer sixteen. Upon the gravestone was his favorite quote: 'Come, my friends, lay by me and let us stare at the stars...'

    Thomas Kenneth Nelson
    May 29, 1994-May 27,2010
    A Good Brother And An Even Greater Friend
    May You Find Your Way To The Stars