• Trickster

    There once was an old hag, she wanted a child so much, but the good fairy took her husband away. So one day, as she did her daily walk in the garden, she came upon a rosebush, and it opened up. In the flower, a little girl, with hair has white as snow, and eyes red as fire, she was sound asleep. Out of random, the hag clapped her hands, not knowing what she was doing, and the girl woke up. The girl rubbed her eyes, saw the hag, and said, “Good morning sunshine.” So from that day forward, the girl was known as Sunshine.

    One day as Sunshine was taking her daily bath, a thump was heard. She put her robe on, and saw that her clothes were gone. She searched everywhere, but could not find them. She looked under the sofa, she looked in the sink, and finally, she looked in the fridge. But it was not there, all sudden, the fridge slammed closed, WHILE SHE WAS STILL IN THERE!

    Now the old hag noticed that Sunshine was missing, so she went looking for her, but could not find her, she looked under the sofa, in the sink, in the closet, everywhere but the fridge. She was very worried. The old hag fell in her chair, and gave a big sigh. All was silent, till she heard a chariot outside. She hurried out to see who it was. Out of the chariot came a prince covered in blue and gold, with hair as golden as the sun, and eyes as blue as the sea. He bid the woman good day, and told her of his misfortune. Apparently, he bought a fairy, and by mistake, he bought a bad one that is known as a Trickster, a mischievous, perverted, sadist, jail breaker.

    The old hag decided to tell him all about Sunshine, and how she is missing. They came to a conclusion that Trickster must have done something, and the decided to look for the two together. They looked in the garden, the look under the stairs, and they looked in the oven, but there was no Trickster, or Sunshine. Full of grief, the two fell in their chairs, and gave a big sigh. Then outside, they saw a wagon, out of a wagon came a hobo. They allowed him in, and he asked for food. The prince went to the fridge, and saw sunshine. Sunshine was in a huge ice cube, and she looked like she was flying and praying at the same time. Her eyes were close, and her hair was flying everywhere.

    Dying from hunger, the hobo, grabbed the ice cube, and started to lick it, angry with what the hobo was doing, the prince grabbed a bat, and hit the hobos head. The hobo fell to the ground, and the ice cube shattered. Sunshine stood up, rubbed her eyes just like when the hag first meet her, and then looked up. The prince saw her huge big innocent eyes, and fell in love. He scooped her up, pulled out a piece of cloth, and allowed her to put it on over her small wet and freezing body.
    At that moment, trickster came out, yelling “why do you have to always mess up my fun! I hate you prince! For that, I’ll put a spell on Sunshine; I’ll make her a lousy human like you!” at the snap of his fingers, Sunshine grew life-size, she was now a head smaller then the prince, her hair turn from a white color, to a light golden brown. Her eyes changed from red, to a rare eye color of purple. Still holding the cloth the prince gave her (which was now too small) she said to the prince “Good morning sunshine!”.

    Out of nowhere, came a snicker. It was from the hobo. The hobo stretched out his hand, and grabbed Trickster. No matter how much he struggled, Trickster could not get loose. The hobo then started to change. He turned into a wizard, and then said, “I have been looking for you, Trickster. You cause too much trouble. I am going to have to dispose you.” So then the wizard pulled off the head of Trickster. Tricksters last words were, “Death is only the beginning!” but nobody cared. The prince and Sunshine got married, and had lots of kids. The wizard went back to his world, and the old hag got her husband back by the power of the wizard, and had lots of children. To this day, in that village, you can still hear Tricksters words “Death is only the beginning,” whenever you are going to die.