• i read it out loud and for a moment nothing happened, thats untill the floor began shaking,the floor in the center of the room dropped away into oblivion. Blue(a blue crystal given to her as a gift) began to glow and pulse furiosly, then there was a slight glow in the center of the hole, it got brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger untill it sat there floating in mid air. It was a big huge purple gem, and by huge i mean 11 feet tall.and inside of it was the one thing i never thought i wouls ever see in 1000 life times, The Grifiths Edge....Devon said to me"the chosen one must step across the oblivion...Anny...if your not the ne then..." i didnt want to know. I thought to myself "i better get a snickerdoodle after this..."i got a running start to just but i couldnt make myself jump, again i tryed, but just couldnt! ok ok...ill just step to the edge and step off, my heart began leaping into my hear as i stepped to the edge of oblivion, and stepped off. i held my breath, i couldnt hear the wind rushing by my ears, i opened one eye, two eyes, im floating...what the?.... i took a careful step, the bolted to the gem, i wiped the sweat from my brow, and looked at the gem. How do i get it out? i kicked it, i poked it, i even yelled "Open sesemi!!!" but nothing happened. i thought the words from he book over in my head, let the great blue be your key....Blue! i found a hole in the gem and inserted blue, nothing happened i poked it. WOW THERE!!! it like freaking jello!!! i reached inside, dang i cant reach, oh god....i poked my head in, grabbed the blade and was OUT. note to self, NEVER DO THAT AGAIN. if i havent told you im extremely clausterphobic, that was like....i dont know it was scary.
    ~Ok thats it for now, let me know how yo like it, i still have some things to tweek, and its still unfinished and unpublished, i also need th publics opinions just so i know what YOU want to read, thank you if you did read this and sorry for he word wall, deal with it.