• Never before had they seen such a sight.
    It was as if worlds collapsed right before there feet.
    The United City States of Atlmaranis where no more.
    And for the first in Atlmaranis history this was not the Organizations doing.
    No, this was the work of fools. Fools that believed the title of king was enough authority to decide over life and dead.
    Fools that thought they were the kings of this world and not the Organizations leaders.
    They turned against both their allies as well as their enemies. And in the end as what was always the custom in Atlmaranis, Quartz and Beryl were the victors.
    Beryl, the oldest and cruelest of them all and Quartz led by the fallen queen ruled over the continent vast rivers.
    But beside the glory of victories there were also other stories …
    Stories that were not quite ordinary. Because nobody survives without a person in the shadows.
    And that’s the story I’m going to tell.
    Of those who loved the shadows more than anything.

    I welcome you to the land of Atlmaranis. Where the dema's are free and the Infana wander. Where the streams are unreliable and the people even more.
    Where Insanity rules over reason