• Lyxander could barely keep his balance now. Charlie was too short to reach his lips so she had to pull him down to kiss him. He finally toppled backwards, pulling Charlie down with him. The snow was a lot colder than it first seemed when they were standing up, but they paid it no mind.
    "Whoops." Charlie muttered.
    Their noses touched.
    "Por Siempre." Lyxander breathed back.
    The lunch bell rang.
    "Let me go with you." Lyxander said.
    "Can you still turn invisible?" Charlie questioned. She kissed his chin.
    "To them. You'll always be able to see me."
    She stood up and helped Lyxander to his feet. They started into the campus.

    Charlie sat at her desk, Lyxander standing at her side, invisible to all her classmates.
    Math class was always the most boring. "God, how horribly boring can one place be? It almost makes me glad I have no eyes." he complained.
    Charlie couldn't help but crack a smile. A black tendril came around her side and started tickling her.
    "No...knock...it..off..." Charlie hissed, trying to hold back the laughs. Lyxander smiled and soon that one tendril was joined by 7 others. Charlie burst out laughing in the quiet classroom and was quickly sent to the principal's office for disrupting the class.
    "A fine mess you've gotten yourself into." Lyxander teased.
    Charlie gave him a death glare.
    To be continued...