• We just got evacuated by a helicopter. I’m pretty sure it isn’t going to be long before we have to find another evactuation.
    My name is Joseph. I just got on a helicopter after two weeks on a deserted island. The same goes with my friends, Louis and Christina. Here’s what happened. We went on a field trip to England, but by boat. The boat crashed in the middle of the Atlantic, and we got deserted. After two weeks, we were rescued. After getting on the chopper, I noticed there was a cache of weapons in the corner. I asked the pilot what they were for, and he said they were for emergencies. “What an explanation.” I muttered to myself.
    “So he mentioned that a lot has changed since the crash…” Louis said, “Do you have any ideas?”
    “Economy?” Christina replied.
    “Could be,” I said, “The economy isn’t so good.”
    “True, true…” Louis said, “The economy isn’t doing well.” After a few hours, there was land beneath us. Right then, the pilot started moaning.
    “Umm… you alright?” Louis started. The pilot suddenly got out of his seat and started coming toward us. There was blood around his mouth, which was enough for Louis to grab a gun from the cache and shoot him.
    “Louis,” I said nervously, “You do realize you shot the pilot…right?” He nodded. “And that none of us knows how to fly a chopper?” He nodded again. “And that we are speeding towards the ground, about to crash land?” He nodded once more. Then he realized what was happening.
    “Oh crud! We’re gonna die?” Louis yelled.
    “Pretty much.” Christina said. We then screamed as we fell towards the ground, without anyone to help us.
    “We’re dead.” I said, then the chopper hit the ground, and everything went black.
    I woke in a daze, everything was fuzzy, then black. After what felt like days, maybe even weeks, I woke to a faint call, “Hello? Anyone out there? Please respond!” followed by a loud curse. I slowly turned my head to Louis. He looked like he was dead, until I saw his stomach expanding and contrasting. “Good, Louis is still alive.” I mumbled faintly. I turned to Christina, and she was breathing as well. I tried to get up, but I felt faint, and fell back down. Everything went fuzzy again, and I heard the same voice, “Is anyone alive?” I blacked out.
    I woke up again and again, until I heard another slight voice, “Joseph?” It was Christina.
    “Christina. You okay?” I asked weakly.
    “I’m fine.” But she didn’t sound fine, she sounded as if she had a sore throat. Then the same voice I’ve been hearing called out again, “Hello? Anyone!? Please!”
    “Hello?” I croaked. I sounded like I had a sore throat as well. Christina called out afterwards.
    “Hey!” the voice yelled. He ran over to us. “Man, you look like crap! What happened?”
    “Helicopter crashed, been here for I don’t know how long.” I croaked, coughing after each two words.
    “Well, let me help you now. Name’s Paul. What about you?” he asked eagerly, holding a pump shotgun. But I could’ve sworn there was a bit of evil in his voice.
    “I’m Joseph. That’s Christina, and the unconscious guy over there is Louis.” I managed to say.
    “Well we better get you to the building over there, there’s a saferoom inside.”
    "I don't know, it is a business. Not sure they want to see one unconscious guy and a couple of kids entering their building. True enough?" Christina explained.
    "Good enough..." Joseph said. They were surprised by her explanation.
    "So where do we go now?" asked Paul.
    "Back to my house?" mentioned Louis, conscious again. "Only a few hundred miles."
    "No, get rest." said Joseph.
    ''Okay, wake me up at the crack of dawn. I think I have some long wounds across my body." said Louis.
    Eventually they reached a motel near the border. Seemed cheap but sustainable for the night. They had a few hundred bucks handy for emergencys.
    "So we stay at this pile o' wood?" asked Paul in his almost western-like voice.
    "Respect where we stay, they were nice enough to take our money and give us a room. That's enough for awhile" said Joseph. Louis yawned and rolled over in his bed in the room.
    "Eh, I think I found a muskrat out there. There's dinner." said Paul. He was always used to hunting for anything he could get. A scavenger, almost.
    "Um...they have room service you know!" said Christina, who was silent along the way(almost ^_^).
    "I've been here, don't order the steak. They burn it and it turns to a chunk o' charcoal. Don't wanna eat coal do you?" asked Paul, almost backtalking.
    "They have other choices." Joseph reminded Paul.
    "Still, you didn't answer my question. Order over at some other drive-thru." said Paul.
    "You know we're all about 14 right?" asked Christina.
    "I'm 17, don't you know that?" asked Paul also.
    "No, you didn't tell us!" exclaimed Joseph.
    "You go," said Christina "...we need food."
    "Why me? I know you have a permit, I have ID. You get ID in Texas when you're 13. Atleast for our family...."
    "OK, I'll drive. I did get an A+ in every Driver's Education class." said Christina.
    "Nice, I got usually C's - A-'s in mine. But I got though every obstacle...just speed got me." Paul said ........they slept throughout the night and woke up in the morning.
    "Louis...Louis....LOUIS!" Christina whispered then yelled. Louis woke up and yawned ALOT.
    "Okay what now little C?" Louis asked, irritated.
    "You told me to wake you up at dawn, so I did. Get your backpack, we gotta get moving."
    "Aww...we have to leave now? It's about 6 in the morning, lemme sleep." Louis said.
    Christina shook him off the bed, he wen't headfirst into the pile of clothes he had next to his bed.
    "Ouch! What was that for?" Louis asked furiously, he must've hit his head pretty hard.
    "No time for questions, get dressed and get ready. We got a long day ahead of us." Christina explained, walking outta the room. She found Paul and Joseph playing Texas Hold 'Em in the lounge.
    "What are you DOING?"Christina yelled angrily. "Aren't you supposed to be getting your lazy kahoona's ready for the day!?"
    "It's just a game. We'll be ready by the time Louis is ready. So that means we have a few hours to wait." Joseph said.
    "True that." Paul yelled, spitting into the nearby trash can.