The world is hell right now. The zombie apocalypse has begun. Its been going for 10 years now. There is literally no hope. Most of the worlds communication is down and so is electronics. Everyone was being eaten: Kids/Wifes/Dads. The military was holding them off good for a while long. But pretty soon the whole worlds military died out. The world is dying fast. And the zombies are multiplying faster than bunnys. All cities were either blown up or just ripped to ********. Is there hope for the world? Maybe there is or maybe there isn’t. We will start our story with a man who has been fighting zombies since it first started in the state of California.

    -chapter 1-
    We go to the main character who is inside an abandoned rotten and ripped apart house. His name is d**k razor (not his real name). He has very dark skin with white hair (because hes In his early fifties.) fluffed down and scattered everywhere along with a long beard kinda like a hobo. He is 7’1 in height with a very toned body and is wearing a gray baggy shirt with fingerless gloves and blue scratched up jeans. On his feet he has normal short brown hiking shoes.

    Right now he is in the living room just sittin around looking out of the window to notice that its very foggy and there are some zombies walking around aimlessly. He then sits down in his chair and turns the radio on to see if any channels pick up. He dosen’t care if its even rap music. He just would want to hear anything at this point. But just as soon as he sat down in a broken chair and opened the 1 year old news paper he heard something on the radio.

    Survivors…………..come………………south………….texas………..north bridge road……… He smacked the radio to make it clearer which helped a lot. “Survivors….oh god if anyone is out there come to texas north ridge at the center of the state”! “There is a city here that is token care of those monsters and is very well kept. I promise you this is paradise to where ever you guys are living.” As the guy on the radio said. “Hm……true.” d**k said as he said in a medium heavy scratched up voice. “Just please come!” There will be a beacon to the city! And I promise you that you will be safe well kept of food and have a safe home!” The announcer guy said as he was finishing.

    d**k then turned off the radio and looked around the house. “Well I will run out of food eventually. And I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m discovered by those things!” He said as he pointed the middle finger out the window.

    d**k then Got all of his stuff ready for a trip. He packed: A sawed off double barreled shotgun/ a colt pistol/ and his old friends that he has had for a long time: his two machetes and his hockey mask. Along with all the stuff that dosen’t even need mentioning. Food/flares/ammo/rope/spare clothing/radio walkie-talkie/ and most important a map and compass.

    So then d**k packed all his stuff in a backpack and was in front of his door. He breathed in the out very slowly then put his hand on the knob. “I know I’m going to regret this. But what do I have to lose?” “At times like this I wish I had a car.” He said. Then he opened the door and ran immediately into a forest to stay out of sight.

    His journey had then begun. He was walking slowly in the mist while he was looking at his map and compass. “Yeah this is the right direction” He said as he put the map and compass away. He noticed that some of the infected were standing still while he was walking by. He Thought they couldn’t see him cause either they were so dumb to know what he was or the mist blocked their vision.

    d**k doesn’t know how long he was traveling. But he did check his map and compass every now and then. After a while he looked at something that was visible for a while. It was the sign to say that the border to Arizona was there. “Thank god” He thought. To know he was getting one step closer to the city.

    As he was walking he noticed the fog was starting to clear up and show darkness to let him know it was nighttime. “There goes my cover now” As he said in disappointment. He noticed that there was a big building in the distance. “Man, I need a place to crash. I’m ******** tired.” d**k said as yawned. He started walking toward it until he heard footsteps. He turned his head very quickly to see the directon the noise was coming from. He wasn’t sure what he saw. He saw silhouettes of what could be zombies or humans. d**k slowly moved closer to the silhouettes As they were no longer silhouettes to see five zombies walking toward him. The Zombies had blood dripping out of their teeth and lots of bitten off skin. Their eyes were either pure white or pure blood red.

    d**k got a flashback of how he was young and killed with his old crew in the old zombie camp. d**k noticed how these zombies were only walking at slow speed. So he was filled with confidence and just ignored them pretty much and walked slowly toward the door. “Least they aren’t ‘runners’”. d**k said as he was walking toward the house door. But as soon as he said that they started to run after him like crazy.

    “OH s**t!” d**k started to run after the door of the building barley out running the zombies he sholder barged the door but it wouln’t open. He turned around quickly to see that the zombies were about to get him. d**k then brought out his sawed off shotgun to shoot one. He aimed for one’s head but some of the pellets missed and scratched its face so then he brought out one of his machetes and as soon as him and the five made contact distance he cut one’s head off and blew the head off of another one at close distance. The other 3 got a little smart and got him at all corners. He then put away the shotgun and grabbed how his other machette in his other hand. As all of them came close enouph and screamed he did a 360 spin to decapitate all of their heads off at the same time. “Oh yeah! These olds bones still has it!” d**k said as he remembered him being young and killing in zombies in the past with his crew. “But no time to remember stupid s**t now.” As d**k said as he was walking toward the door in a hurry cause he thought the gun fire might attract some more zombies.

    He noticed the door was held shut. But he shoulder barrged it again using all his might. The door flew down and hit the floor pretty loud and hard. All he saw was pitch black. He walked inside and flipped the switch. And noticed the light wasn’t working. He reached in his bag and pulled out a flare to shine some light. He noticed in this building that there was a hallway and about 5 doors in it. He was checking all of them and saw worthless stuff. He slowly walked over to the kitchen and saw there wasn’t anybody here. “I Should probably get out of here now….” He said very quietly. He started walking back. The first thing he turned around he accidently kicked a metal pot to make a very loud bang.

    He then heard noises coming from in front of him. The noises sounded like something living was there. “Ok there is something definitely here.” He thought to himself. He didn’t want to shine the flare around it immedieatly in case it was a zombie. So we slowly walked to the noise and slowly shined a flare on it. He widened his eyes as he saw an old woman against a wall. With her head down and had blood on her white night gown. “Um……lady?” He said quietly. He slowly moved toward her. He wasn’t sure if it was an undead or not. He put his hand on her shoulder very slowly. The first thing he made contact he noticed the old lady put her head up to show she had pure white eyes and a ******** up mouth. The moment he saw that she was a zombie he reached for his machette but then the infected screamed really loud.

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d**k was shocked as the old infected jumped on him to knock them both on the floor with d**k being on bottom and the zombie on top. d**k struggled as she held his arms down. d**k was surprised that an old lady could be stronger than him. He was struggling to get her off. But the infected was about to maul his face until a black dog came out of nowhere. It barked and growled at the zombie.

    The infected stopped her attack on d**k for just a second to look at the dog And so did the d**k. d**k noticed the dog wasn’t infected but it looked evil as it had glowing red eyes and pitch black fur. The dog was barking very loud in a different direction and walked into a different hallway.

    “No boy! Come back!” d**k said almost crying. The zombie then put her mouth right in his face as she was about to bit his nose off. Right before the ******** rotten teeth dug into his skin the zombie got its head blown off and she flew to the side with brains flying everywhere on d**k.

    d**k then looked to the direction the shot came from to see a women who was smaller than him in size and saw her flowing neck-long hair flow in the flare light. d**k then got up and looked at all her features. She had medium size breasts (so far that he saw cause she had a black vest). She had tan skin and this time d**k noticed how tall she was. She was about 6’3 in height. Along with the vest she had a black belt with black skin tight jeans. On her feet she had very dark bown boots. She blew the smoke that came out of the barrel of the glock pisol she just shot with. d**k looked at her back as she had a very large crowbar and in her belt she had a knife with spikes around the guard of the handle.

    “HEY!” She screamed to get his attention. “Whats your name old man?” She asked as she pointed her glock pistol at him. “Why should I tell you?” He told her to just be rude. She smiled then emphasized “Cause I just ******** saved your life you old ********! So you at least owe me that much!” She said scornfully. “You can call me d**k.” He said as he was wiping the brains off of him. “What are you doing here?” She said as she still has the pistol pointed at him. “Well I’m gonna go to that city in Texas and I was gonna find a place to crash until the morning.” d**k said looking at her gun. Then this girl lowers her gun and puts it her belt. “Wow really? I’m going there to.” She said happily. Then she smiled and took out her hand to shake. d**k gave a confused face. “Partners until we get there?” She asked smiling. “Hm……you know I can use the help. I mean going alone IS one of the stupidest things you can do after all.” He said as he put his hand out as they shook.

    “Beatrice” She said as they let go hands after shaking. “What?” d**k asked. “My name is Beatrice.” She said to help make sense. She then whistled for a period of time. That same dog that kinda helped d**k camp up to her and she crouched down to pet it and stuff. “Well I need to sleep. I’ve been traveling non-stop. Besides its better to go in the morning so we can see the zombies better.” d**k said trying to change the subject quickly. “Yeah your right. Not to mention there are way less zombies in the day.” She said as she got up.
    “So where do we sleep?” d**k asked to her. “I found a room here that has a lock to it.” She said as they were both walking toward the room that she was talking about. So they both went inside the room to notice this room was very large and had a bathroom, two different beds, a cupboard, and shattered windows.

    Well lets go to sleep and start fresh in the morning. “Oh I so call this bed.” “You can sleep on that one ‘old man’”. She said as she just jumped on her bed very exhausted. d**k just sat in his bed turning his back to Beatrice as he said something quiet.
    “Well I hope I don’t join you guys yet.” He said as to pray to his old friends. The Dog slept in the bed with Beatrice and d**k sleeped in the more rotten bed but he didn’t mind as he went to sleep very quickly. “This has been a long day”. d**k said as he was falling asleep.