• "Kay? Where are you? It's dark..."
    "Kay is dead, sweetie. It's just you and me now..."
    "Kat?! No! NO! KAYLA!!!"
    I woke up panting. Not that nightmare again... Katherine always scared me, but would she kill me? And she would never kill her sister, would she? I lay back down, quietly crying. Every night the dreams just got worse...
    "What's wrong, Ami? You look sick."
    "Kayla, I had another nightmare. I'm afraid to sleep! What's happening to me?!"
    Kayla sighed. "You are a perfectly fine little seven year old girl. Of course, you are having these nightmares for a reason. You must have telepathic powers, and they are showing you the future. I suppose they are manifesting in your nightmares."
    "But Kayla!! It was dark, and you were dead-"
    Kayla stared at me. "Do you know who killed me?" she said calmly.
    "Yes. It was Kat! But it didn't really feel like her. This Kat was too cold, too eager to kill! Who would look EXACTLY like her, and talk like her too?"
    Kayla froze. "Did you see what you wore in the dream?"
    I sat up. "Yes! It was..."
    I looked down, then looked back up at Kayla. But she was changing now, into some blue skinned woman. I tried to scream but then I felt a sharp pain in my arm and everything went black.