• At firt glance you would see Joshua as a normal everyday teenage boy trying to balence the complications of the world. His school work, his home life, and his love life were all very demanding and often fought for control of his life. Little did Joshua know that a forth power would become more demanding and important than the others. This was the dream realm. Most importantly, the realm of his nightmares.
    A dark being was welling up inside of him. No one can be quite sure if he was aware of this pressence or if everything that happened was completely blank in his mind. The first event happened the week before his sophomore year of high school was over. The story began with him walking with his girlfriend, Laura, home from school.
    Joshua was not really the most handsome in school but yet he some how managed to get the most popular girl in school to date him. He was not anything special he looked like the next guy. Average hieght, healthy wieght, and physically adept. With brown short hair and almond shaped bright blue eyes he was just your average guy.
    Laura, being the most popular girl in school, had it all. She had the looks, the personality and the brains. All the boys were in shock and awe when she first began going to school the year before. For Joshua it was like being multiple counties apart. Her long blond hair blowing loosely in the wind her body's curves accented by the folds in her clothing, she was quite the sight to be hold.
    Her appearence was the main reason she was popular with the guys. Kyler, a junior at the time, tried to pick her right out of Joshua's arms and each time she refused. Today Kyler was feeling very aggressive and was drunk on power at the school. During the walk he came from behind and threw Joshua on the ground and very forcfully grabbed Laura and dragged her with him. When Joshua got up and went after them Kyler's knee went straight into his gut. Kyler dragged her into an alley way. As he pushed her onto a pile of trash bags a hand caught his wrist. Joshua held Kyler's wrist in an iron grip and he began squeezing creating pressure on the bones.
    "What are you doing?!" Joshua roared in a fearsome tone.
    Kyler speechlessly swung his other fist and nailed Joshua in the face. Joshua shrugged off the blow and snapped Kyler's wrist. "Do want to try anything else?" Joshua asked. Kyler shook his head.
    Joshua reached for Laura's hand and led her out of the alley. When they got into the light Joshua gripped his head in pain.
    "Are you alright?" Laura asked in a worried tone.
    "I"m fine just a headache." Joshua lied.

    The last day of school there was a fire at Lauras family's apartment building. The events of this day could never be explained and honestly, it was probably better this way. The entire week the occurences with Joshua became more and more frequent. With each occurance, the deeds became more and more wicked. Until the point that it endagered Laura.
    A firetruck blared its siren as a group of firefighters began trying to douse out the fire.
    A near-by fireman yelled over to another, "There is still a girl up there!" Joshua heard this and his shadow self began to argue with him.
    It's what she deserves is it not?
    "No she didn't do anything..."
    She didn't do ANYTHING.
    "I have to save her."
    I can't let you!
    Joshua held his head in pain as he forced himself to run into the building. He made his way through the burning building to Laura's room. When he got their he saw Laura sitting admist the blaze and she looked up at Joshua.
    "Stay away!" She cried out.
    Joshua held his hand out, "I'm here to get you out of here Laura take my hand."
    "No you'll hurt me again!" Laura replied defiantly.
    "No you'll hurt me again!" A snobby Joshua like voice cried out over the raging flame. Suddenly a ghosty dark looking for of Joshua steped out of the blaze. "I told you to not come in here and it wouldn't have come to this. I really didn't want to have to kill her... Oh well."
    "You won't touch her!" Joshua yelled and ran through the heat and puched his shodow self. Suddenly his cheek swelled. He looked at his shadow. His shadow's cheek was swollen from the punch.
    "You can't hut me with out hurting yourself. We are one in the same." The shadow snickered.
    "Laura get out of here." Joshua commanded Laura. She was in to much shock to do anything else but listen. She ran out of the room and as she left she looked back in and saw Joshua jump into the flame. As he did he yelled out, "We will roast together! I will never let you lay another finger on Laura!" He yelled in pain as he and his shadow began to burn away.
    Laura ran down the burning stairs burning herself on the way out but the events she saw were burned into memory.

    10 years later...

    Laura stepped into the sunlight for the first time in ten years. She had spent the last 10 years in an a Asylum to help her get over her traumatizing childhood. She had to face the demons of her past and she went to the still destroyed apartment. She stood there for the longest time crying. When she looked up she saw a ghostly image of Joshua as a teenager. He looked to her and smiled like he had before the crazy week in his hell. Even as the heart warming smile was engraved in her memory, that fateful day would surely be, A Nightmare to Remember.