• 'where am I', I thought with confusion. 'Am.....am i stiting outside? is this rain' i looked up to the dark cloudy sky with confusion
    I was in...a forest. with a dank blanket around me. i heard the howl of the wind wistling through the trees. i also hear a sound that i coulden't dishiper. so i stood up my knees trembling from the cold, wet rain.
    'what is that sound....i think its over here' i thought bringing the soaking wet blanket along with me. i curiosly peered behind the tree there was a large hill with rushing water at the bottom. "wh-whats that?" i said outloud with confusion.
    i took a sudden step forward. when my foot touched the ground i slipped and i tumbled all the way down landing right in the middle of the river. i screamed for a second but then i was dragged underwater. i tryed to re-surface but i couldent move my arms and leggs! it was the blanket it had wraped around me i couldent move i sucked in a breath of suprise the water rushed in 'someone...help me!' i thought everything turning black.
    i heard a splash above me and i felt an arm wrap around me pulling me upward. i felt my head surface and i sucked in a breath coughing out water i was so scared that i was crying! the person that had saved me dragged me to shore. he layed me down on the ground and shouted " are you ok miss?!" i started to cry more and i reached up and hugged him wispering "i..iwas so scared! so...scared! thank you.....so...mu...c..h...." my vision whent black as i fell into a fitful sleep