• Demons
    Nightmares. The source of all fear. It tears at my heart and makes it bleed. And so far this was the worst of them all. Darkness surrounded me. There was no sound or life to be found. My breathing was coming in short gasps. I looked around franticly to get out of the dark hell, but there was none to be found. I just floated there. Then I was falling and falling and I never stopped. I flailed out my arms to see if I could catch anything, anything at all to stop me from falling into even darker depths of this awful dream. But there was only nothingness. I sucked in air and let out a scream but there was nothing. The blackness consumed it. I started crying and I could feel my soul being split in two. I was shaking violently and I couldn’t stop. Somewhere in the back of my mind a cool voice said I was going to die here. That this would be the end of everything. Life was killing me slowly now like it wanted me to just disappear forever. And I let it. I let it tear me apart. I don’t know why I let it but the pain was too much. I had given up and there was no turning back. But I felt so sad. I stopped falling and was floating again. I felt completely empty except for the sadness that made tears once again spill from my eyes. The tears gathered and created a clear pool under me until my back was now lying against its surface. Coldness spread through my whole body which then turned into warmth. For a while I was just staring into the darkness. Something glinted within it. I strained to see what it was and I wish I hadn’t. It was the demon from the forest. Its eye was sending a bright thread which gleamed even though there was no sunlight. It was coming rapidly before me. Then it multiplied into dozens of bright threads. They all sliced through the pool and shattered it. It broke under me and what happened next I was not ready for. One of the threads slid through me. Right in the heart. I could feel hot pain go through my body. I wondered how even in a dream you could feel pain. But I guess it wasn’t that unusual since I wasn’t exactly the normal type. The creature came down and hovered over me and amazingly it spoke in a tone so deep and menacing it raised the hairs on my neck.
    “Look at you. Daughter of the maiden of roses. How pathetic. To think I almost had you in that clearing. Too bad but that young girl was quite delicious. She screamed and screamed but no one came to help. She begged me to spare her which made it even more fun to gouge here out slowly.” He laughed. I looked up at him and I could feel the rage build up in my chest.
    “You monster! You’re the lowest of the low. Getting pleasure out of killing a poor girl who hadn’t even deserved to be killed! I hope you rot in the deepest depths of h*ll!”
    The demon looked amused and I could feel the thread in my heart sending painful energy throughout myself being.
    “Oh look at how brave we are now. But you don’t stand a chance against me. You humans are so fragile. The slightest stab and you die. The littlest twist of your neck and blood comes dripping out your mouth. I could kill you in a second if I wanted to.” He smiled.
    “Then do it right now. Kill me.”
    “Well why would I want to do that? You see, I need you. The power that is hidden within you. Once that power has risen I shall devour you whole and I will become the highest ruler of the demon and human world. Your blood is tempting. Very so that it makes me want to rip your heart out right now but unfortunately it’s not the time. So I shall say my good-byes for now. But I’d watch yourself. I’m not the only one who wants your power.”

    Then the demon vanished. His laugh echoing throughout the darkness. Then I realized I was fallingagain. I wondered if I would ever get out of this dream. I looked under me and noticed I could see the pool that was created by my tears. I didn’t stop. I just kept on falling and falling until-.

    I jolted awaked. My head throbbed and my vision was blurry. I looked around trying to get my bearings. Finally my vision cleared. I was in a bedroom but it was not my own. The walls were a slight cream color and had little paintings here and there. There were two windows which were covered by drapes but little slivers of light managed to peek its way through the cracks. There was only one dresser and a wooden chair and table in a corner of the room. The bed I was laying on was big. The covers were tangled and wet from me sweating. I looked down and noticed I had been put into an oversized T-Shirt which of course wasn’t mine. I slid out of the bed and circled the room. I went over to one of the two windows and opened the drapes. Outside there was a garden of roses which greeted me with a fragrance that seeked through the slightly cracked window. The light stunned me and made my headache worse. I quickly close the drapes again and headed toward the wooden door which hopefully lead to somewhere where there was food. I was starving considering what had just happened to me. I hadn’t eaten in about twenty-four hours I’d say and it only made me that much weaker which wasn’t good for the massive headache I had. The door opened with a creak and I stepped into what seemed like a living room. There was old Victorian furniture scattered around the room. A nice fire was going in a fireplace which I gratefully looked toward. I tiptoed over trying not to wake whoever had taken me hear. When I got to the fireplace I noticed a big lump huddled in front of it. Something like ears perked out from what I guessed was the head of whatever it was. Then everything came back to me. It was the big wolf that had killed that demon from the clearing. Its head whipped toward my direction and it growled. I put my hands up and tried to show it I was no harm which seemed to spike its suspicion more. It got up and all four legs and was as tall as I was. Which I would say about 5 and 5 inches tall. I tried to take a step back but it growled even louder probably warning me not to take another step. I stood frozen in front of the giant beast. Its eyes locked with mine. They were golden brown like the boys eyes were in the clearing. Then the door on the other side of the room leading to another room swung open. It was the boy. The boy who saved me from the wreached demon. The one who called me his beloved and said everything was going to be fine. My savior.