• The night was bright with the light from the moon. Hungry light that enveloped everything in it's sight in it's terrible whiteness. It even swallowed me, a creature from the dark. But then again, we were kin. Lonely in this empty world.
    So every time I look up at the moon in it's fullest I smile and say, "Won't you comfort me tonight? Comfort me in this lonely world where no beings live? Will you embrace my loneliness and remind me of the days before, when beauty still existed on this land?"
    But I know the moon will never answer back. For it too is dead. Only I exist on this barren land after all have left. Only I shall never see the face of Death. Only I shall know the curse of Eternal Life. How it brings sadness and pain, not happiness and hope. How it makes you yearn for Death to come. How it takes away all sanity and love. How it curses you to watch Death take all but you. Only you.
    Only me.