• Last Chapter
    It has been three days since the vision, Dane had called everyone he knew as did Aiden. I called Prince Edwin, my father, and aunt and uncle. We had over three hundred creatures to help, and counting, it was amazing we had this many to help us and risk everything. Edwin had kept Torrin at the castle, and i was currently trying to make Emma and Ben understand why they couldn’t fight with us...
    "Please you guys, it would kill me if you got hurt! We don’t know what she has on her side!" I begged them shamelessly to stay at Torrin's castle.
    "NO! Gosh Jayne, when will you realize we will always fight beside you!" Emma shouted back at me while Ben barked out a yeah.
    I sat down and looked out the window of the huge house we were staying at in peaceful stage- it was the cross between dimensions 3 and 4 to see everyone training. I looked at them both and spoke softly, "I love you guys, and you are my family. You have always been there and i want you always to be...and if... if anything... anything were to happen to you guys i would fall apart. I love you...can you blame me for wanting to keep you safe?"
    "Jayne, try to hit me- better yet try to kill me." I looked at Emma as if she were crazy, "Just do it."
    I hesitantly rose and lunged at her to see a purple lighting strike move around her and Ben as he shouted profanities and a small shock wavered through me. I stopped and looked at her, "Now, Im sorry this is going to hurt." she spoke suddenly and a gush of painful bolts sprung through my body and threw me to the ground and smash me against the wall. I shook it off only to have it hurt more, "Ok..." i squeaked out as it all stopped, "You obviously know what you are doing." They nodded, “Might as well go and train.”
    They laughed sort of and walked out to train. I sighed, this fight means everything. It could be the end of good and the world; it could be the start of evil. I could gain the world, and lose everything I love. I could lose the world and still lose everything I loved. I watched in slow motion as every practiced and tried to tackled one another down, I turned my attention to my family-not biological but the ones that showed me love and cared for me. I knew I could lose some, but I also knew I would never let that happen…even if that meant my life. I watched Emma use her shield and everyone stop and watch I grabbed a pillow and walked outside as Emma used the power on someone-I threw the pillow across her vision and the shield went down instantly. She looked at me, as did everyone, “If you want to fight you need to control your power. Come on.” I stood in stance and let her work her power, I watched how the light flew throughout the air to me and I bent my back towards the ground and watched as it zoomed past me. I stood up and swiveled the staff I had picked up that someone had dropped, I threw it at her and watched as the shield didn’t help. She dropped on the ground, “This is what we need to be working at, not messing around.” I felt a disturbance in the air and turned around grabbing the staff someone had thrown at me, “Now stop goofing around and work. We fight in two days.”
    With that I sat down and watched and criticized every round of practice, and two days later we had our map in hand. I slipped on loose pants and a grey tank top and a belt that cops wear, I put different weapons in them and marched out to the group as they grabbed weapons, “Listen up everyone. When we are on the battle field, some may die and some may not… If things get out of control I want everyone to leave, don’t look back-just go.”
    “What happens if we win?” I laughed at whoever asked the simple question.
    “Well, I guess we proved the good always beats evil.” I looked at the ground and closed my eyes before slowly bringing my head up to face my “army”, “Lets go.”
    With that we all walked to the quivering trees to pass through into the 4th place. Here is where we stood in a formation that no one had planned, but my body was placed in the front and in the line behind me was Emma, Ben, Dane, Aiden, my father and uncle/aunt. We stood watching Aliss lead her disfigured army to us, “Ah, Jayne, Aiden…lovely to see you again.”
    “Aliss, should I say something in sarcasm or just start the violence?”
    I watched her movements and listened to the movements of her army, “Why are you always wanting violence…why cant we have a cup of tea?” When she smiled and twitched her hand a solider lunged for Emma but my foot slammed into its side, “Violence is the definition of this meeting. As for tea, have some when you go to the cursed underworld.”
    “Very well.” With that the fight began. They rushed us and we rushed back, my focus stayed on the fight as one by one her army was picked off but my mind never once left those I wanted to protect. Pretty soon our numbers were still at what we came with but hers were falling fast-it wasn’t until this time I realized Aliss was at the top of the hill speaking to the sky with a glow around her. My name was shouted as I bolted for Aliss but it wasn’t in shouted in the sound of help but in the question as to what I was doing, “ALISS! Are you so coward as to bring forth magic?”
    “No I am just smart enough to summon a portal of disaster, and the only way to close it is to sacrifice someone from the other side. Did you honestly believe my army was my honest to gods plan?” She laughed terribly as I watched the black spot grow wider, “I will win and I will-” she was cut off by my knife slicing through her heart and Aiden’s sword chopping off her head, “Thanks.” Left my mouth as he smiled and nodded. A high pitch scream filled my ears and my head snapped to Emma who was currently helping Dane and Ben fight off a winged beast. Aliss knew. She knew that she would parish and that I would have to loose at least someone in this battle, she knew I would not let that happen. I sprinted to my group of friends and ushered them away, “LEAVE! EVERYONE!” The 4th dimension began to crumble away, becoming a place of burnt ashes and gravel, the hill became a tower built of bones and metal swords melted to hold together the disgusting piece. My sword pierced the beast chest and my arm swiveled the sword to cut the approaching monster, “NOW! GO!” Lighting was hissed from the blacken sky onto the ground around us, as soon as the word go left my mouth my army vanished. They went to safety just as I told them. My hair whipped me as I slayed the vicious beasts, “JAYNE! WE ARENT LEAVING WITHOUT YOU!” Emma shouted this as Ben yelled back, “SHE IS RIGHT, NOW COME ON!”
    It pained me to hear them yell this to me, my lips curled inward then back to their normal shape as I finished a demon off, “I CANT!”
    I ran to the hill knowing full well they were following, my true family was following. Emma, Ben, Dane, and Aiden. My arms were cut from the demons good swipes, my hands dirty from the grime I grasped as I heaved myself up to the portal. I through my police belt thing down the cliff to distract them, “DON’T CLIMB AFTER ME!” They were confused, “TRUST ME! JUST GET TO THE EDGE OF THE DIMENSON IF YOU WONT LEAVE!” I heard faint grunts and the sound of letting go of the boney-steel mountain. I closed my eyes and made myself hoist up onto the ledge. I peered at my friends to see their questioning faces and movements to just come back to them. But they would soon find out I was not coming back, in fact I would not live on. Here is my death, my real death. I stood on the mountain and looked into the blackness and knew this was death, and I was not afraid. I knew this is what my fate had for me…this is what needs to be done… I would rather die than see my friends die. I threw my sword at the swarming demons and watched as my beloved friends fought the demons off of them, “Nāve vēstule jāraksta” was whispered. These words would let my last thoughts be laminated out loud to all in the same place as me to hear.
    With that my thoughts flew out into writing and I sprinted and jumped into the black whole. I felt rough hands with long tough names rip at me but it didn’t hurt. The pain was blocked out with the blinding light signaling it was over. Life, my story, and the fight…
    I love you all, you are my family. Tell Torrin I am sorry I am no longer here, that I wont see her grow up into the beautiful person she is sure to be, and that I love her. For everyone of you, know that I am always there..I will always be thankful for you guys where ever I am to be headed to. Live…live like there is nothing holding you back, don’t dwell on the misfortunate events that have happened and will happen. Thanks for standing by me.

    …oh and tell everyone Good truly did win today.