• Chapter 72: Laughter’s Medicine

    Serenity brushed her with her fingers trying to push it from her eyes now that it hung in her face awkwardly. Somehow her new symbol of heroism made her smile. The fact that the tips of her hair were singed.
    ‘You’re ditching school?’ Mizuki said with a displeased voice.
    “I ran into a burning car and saved two children’s lives, I think I cannot go to school for one day,” she fiddled with the piece of burnt hair that left an indent in the satin black ribbons.
    ‘You look a lot like- never mind I won’t say it.'
    “Mizuki,” Serenity narrowed her eyes forgetting that Mizuki won’t see her expression, “just tell me.”
    ‘You look a lot like Edan,’ Mizuki let the words go.
    She hesitantly pulled back her hair so only her bangs fell. And Mizuki was right, she did look like Edan. Dark brown eyes, black hair with tints of brown only visible in light, and now she had the same lock of burnt hair. But this somehow didn’t make her feel horrible, like that this would never leave her; in fact she did something she never did. Serenity laughed.
    Laughter was a healing power for her, she didn’t feel the hurt. She didn’t feel alone. It was good knowing that in a strange way of fate. Edan kept that promise. I’m not going to leave you. And in this strange sense, he didn’t.
    ‘Warai wa hyakuyaku no naga,’ Mizuki laughed herself at knowing that in the first time in what felt like forever. Serenity was happy.
    “Laughter is the best medicine.”

    Musical Inspiration

    I can never find songs that fit the characters perfectly (like Rainbow can) so I take bits and pieces and make those my inspiration!!!!

    Let it Rock- Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne

    "I see your dirty face
    Hide behind your collar
    What is done in vain
    Truth is hard to swallow
    So you pray to God
    To justify the way you live a lie, live a lie, live a lie
    And you take your time
    And you do your crime ......

    Because when I arrive
    I, I bring the fire
    Make you come alive
    I, can take you higher......

    Well you'll get what's yours
    I got mine .....

    My aim is perfect I'll bang ya...

    I wish I could be
    As cruel as you
    And I wish I could say
    The things you do
    But I can't and I won't live a lie
    No, not this time"

    Bulletproof- La Roux

    "Burning bridges shore to shore,
    I'll break away from something more.....

    This time baby I'll be bulletproof......

    There's certain things
    that should be left unsaid.

    Tick tick tick tick on the watch
    And life's too short for me to stop....."

    If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickleback

    "If today was your last day and tomorrow was too late
    Could you say goodbye to yesterday?.....
    Leave old pictures in the past?.....
    Would you forgive your enemies?
    And would youfind that one your dreaming of......"

    Secrets- One Republic

    "Tell me what you want to hear....

    So I'm gonna give all my secrets away
    This time
    Don't need another perfect lie......

    I'm Gonna give all my secrets away.....

    My God, amazing how we got this far
    It's like were chasing all those stars......

    And everyday I see the news
    All the problems we could solve.....

    Just don't let me disappear
    I'mma tell you everything.....

    All my secrets away."

    Dance, Dance - Fall Out Boy (Love You Fall Out Boy!!!!!)

    "She says she's no good with words but I'm worse....

    And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds....

    If they knew how misery loved me..."

    27 - Fall Out Boy

    "I can’t remember, I can’t remember

    And I want it so bad
    I’d shoot the sunshine into my veins
    I can’t remember. the good old days....

    You’re a bottled star......

    you shine in the sky
    you shine in the sky....."

    West Coast Smoker

    "Wishes bounce me weightless...

    The P.A. system keeps my hard heart beating tonight.....

    I'm a nervous wreck......

    Knock once for the Father
    Twice for the Son
    Three times for the Holy Ghost......

    Your eyes are black in my starlight....."

    Breakeven - The Script

    "I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing,......

    'Coz I got time while she got freedom,......

    What am I supposed to do when the best part of me was always you
    What am I supposed to say when I'm all choked up and you're ok
    I'm falling to pieces
    I'm falling to pieces

    They say bad things happen for a reason
    But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding....."

    Symphonies - Dan Black (Its these words Rainbow)

    "Something in the dark began to squeeze me
    Seen it, there, then there in the mirror.....

    Dare I give in to this thing gripping my skin....

    The lights of a car go by in a stream
    Seems like I stand pretty much unseen
    But I open my eyes and beams
    Come out

    Gimme, gimme, symphonies
    Gimme more than the life I see
    Score rise up
    Angels play
    Let my loneliness get blown away

    Gimme, gimme, symphonies
    Gimme more than the life I see.....

    A couple of the wires in my heart are broke....

    But dreams, schemes, moments wasted
    Taste I tasted
    Fate I'm fated.....

    When I wanna quit, I suffocate it....

    Vicious, I'm one outsider......

    Higher, fire in my guts
    In a rut, but what I've got
    Is in no can, no other human
    But I do get lonely, scared I'm phony....."

    New Divide - Linkin' Park
    Lol insert entire song here

    Animal - Neon Trees This is like my favorite song in the ENTIRE world mostly because in a way it reminds me of the relationship between Hai and Edan especialy towards the end of the series.

    "Here we go again
    I kinda wanna be more than friends
    So take it easy on me
    I'm afraid you're never satisfied.....

    You're just a cannibal

    And I'm afraid I wont get out alive
    No I won't sleep tonight

    Oh, oh
    I want some more
    Oh, oh
    What are you waitin' for?
    Take a bite of my heart tonight
    Oh oh
    I want some more
    Oh oh
    What are you waitin' for?
    What are you waitin' for?
    Say goodbye to my heart tonight....

    Here we are again
    I feel the chemicals kickin' in
    It's gettin' heavier
    I wanna run and hide
    I wanna run and hide

    I do it every time
    You're killin' me now
    And I won't be denied by you
    The animal inside of you
    ....... (Right there is what sold it to me)

    Hush, hush
    The world is quiet
    Hush, hush
    We both can't fight it
    It's us that made this mess
    Why can't you understand?
    Whoa, I won't sleep tonight

    I wont sleep tonight

    Here we go again
    Here we go again
    Here we go again........"

    Yup so Animal I play over and over again just thinking of them and well HOW THIS THING PLAYS OUT!!!!

    Thanks for reading!!! wink