• i'm a little 2 year old with a mom that's never home and i've got no dad...i play with my doll i named golly she's my only friend.Tonight my mom brought my chinese food from a little store across the street.I ate my food while holding on to my only friend,the other kids at school think im weird,it makes me sad and i cry alot because they throw rocks and dirt at me.One time in class a boy named david spat on me in front on the teacher,the teacher sent him out the room but it didnt help much i ran to the slide on the playground and cried till mr.hayzz came out to get me.In january i turned 3 and my mom bought me a cake with a rose pettle on it...i never got to eat it because a man with a harry chest and a gray beard came and stole it,my mom promised to get another one but she never did. In may my mom met this guy i forgot his name though but he was mean he always ignored me and ate the food mama got me.One time when mom was gone i asked the man if i could watch t.v and he hit my face. i turned red and bawled all over my new shoes.When i was finished bawling he told me that my mom doesnt love me and loves him then he pushed me out the car.i was only 3 so i hit the car and started yelling for him to let me in but it didnt work so i ran to this house on a street and knocked on the door,a tall old looking man answered,he said hello? then slamed the door.I wasnt a very happy child until i met this boy named ben but all his friends called him micky but i called him ben.
    14 years later

    i'm 17 years old now with a boyfriend named ben and my new name is lara bunny cervantes i like it better then my other name merry day campos. I live with ben,morty,salsa,mamarita,rista,joey,james,clide,jarry,ferris,and twist. We live in an old house near the ocean.I walk with ben alone the the boardwalk every evening and then at night we eat churros and go to jakes house for a glass of milk and tortillas.So I'm here with ben and the rest of my wonderful family when james says"he bunny how come you never go to school with the other kids?"

    And i say "i dont know i guess i never thought about it really jamie" he says" well it almost then end of the school year u should got to that highschool ben goes to up thar" i say " no thanks jamie i'd rather stay home with everyone"

    Then mamarita walked in the room and jumped in the conversation like she was supposed to and says"james is right bunny you should go to that there school up there in that gated comunity that ben and joey andf ferris and twist go to" i say " do i gotta?" mamarita says "well yes u do lady u wont miss no more school" i say "fine" and stomp upstairs to my room that i share with ferris and i grab me a bag of doritos and start for the door to go outside so i could eat my chips and think about it but ben insists on coming so i let him.

    July 31st school started and one new student....me. I was the only new student at that school.On my first day of school i wore a black long sleeved top with a long blue skirt to cover my ugly tiny legs.I walked in the door with ben and everyone stared at us it was weird.Ben walked me to the office so i could pick up my schedule, 8:15 the first bell rang so ben grabbed my hand and slowly walked me to my homeroom(science).Science class was total torture, the teacher introduced me to the whole class. some of the guys stared at me like i was a freak,some did care,and some stared at me as if saying lets go out. i just stared at my feel the whole class period.Second period(math)wasnt so bad accept for the perverts in back of me who giggled like five year olds. at lunch i got my lunch and searched around for ben... i finally found him in a crowd of people that i didnt know.When ben saw me his eyes widened and he looked panicked.i walked toward him to ask what was wrong but as i got closer i saw this girl's arms wrapped around his neck and bens hands wrapped around her waist.

    At that moment my heart dropped and i fell to the floor.this got bens attention but when he tried to help me up i yelled "DON'T touch me!!!!" and i got up with the help of a dude i didnt know and ran out the cafiteria in tears. i ran to the only place i saw with the least bit of people which was the swings.I sat on a swing next to this person wearing black and let my tears fall. The person next to me looked at me a few times but i could tell who it was cause he/she was covered by the hair that covered the face.

    At the end of the school day i slowly walked home and as i walked i kept saying to myself that he isnt cheating on me but in my heart i sorta knew im just lying to myself.When i got to the house i hestitated for a second then i went inside."hey how was school" said jamie when i walked in the door "terrible!" i yelled and ran upstairs.Upstairs i packed up all my stuff ,wrote a letter to everyone and snuck out the back door.I didn't know where i was going to go but it had to be better than there.