• The moon shimmered in the sky,i knew tonight would be perfect.
    The summer night was a cool night,plenty of light to see what i was doing,
    who doesn't enjoy their own art?
    I loved the natural art of blood spatter but clean up ruins any trace of my art.
    Time to start getting the paint ready,in a matter of speaking.
    I got on the phone and dial her numbet,it rang rang three times before she answered.
    she replied she couldnt come to me because her sisters disaproval,
    we said our goodbyes and the fury hit.
    I dial the sisters number,allowing the fury to hide behind a cheerful wall.
    She found it touching i cared about her opinion,if she only knew my real intentions.
    when she arrived i had the noodles boilling and the sause simmering,
    the arroma of basil filled the house,the spaghetti was almost done.
    I answered the door and showed her into the dinning room,
    it had a door leading to the basement perfect for getting the meat ready.
    she was a plump four months pregnant,
    that i hadnt expected but all the same i guess baby meatballs was now on the menu.
    "im a vegitarian i hope you know" The shrilling sound that was her voice made it hard to wait. I slipped out of step with her not much just two steps back.
    If she looked back I'd wait if she allowed me to walk behind her then maybe i wouldn't.
    I steped right behind her,knife out and my heart skipped a beat as i pulled it up to her throat.
    She turned her head then but too litt too late,her throat was so pale.
    I slowly and perfectly sliced open that white flesh and watch as the blood blossomed to the surface.
    Her eyes were wide,she tried to get free but i pushed the knife harder into her neck.
    These urges i get to see him are causing for a mess in my house,but that thought was brief in my mind.The pale bleeding woman infront of me deserved my full attention,wouldn't you agree? I grabbed a handful of hair and began to drag her into the basement,she tried to struggle but i yanked her hair harder and the tears began to flow down her face.
    I smiled as i pulled her down the stairs, the moon brightend the dark room.
    she lay spread out on the floor,faint breaths wispered past her lips.
    I took the knife and plunged it into her stomach and cut straight down the middle she gasped a faint scream.
    No meatballs tonight he'd be coming and i wouldnt want the house to smell.
    The blood streemed towards the drain in the middle of the room, she layed their lifeless.
    Her eyes were staring off not focused on anything.
    Now that I looked at her I noticed how homely she was,her eyes a dull brown like dirt,her fake blonde hair stained with blood.
    Her neck though was long and narrow,my marks so fresh and barley noticable with the bloodbut i could tell how perfect they looked.
    The second mark down her stomach i wasnt finished with.
    I took my knife and shoved the tip inside just about an inch from her bellybutton,plunging the knife in slow and deep then jerking it till my knife met just above her hip.
    I layed next to the body allowing the blood to cover me.
    I kissed her cheek,checked her pulse and left her there bleeding on my basement floor.
    The water was boiling over the sause slightly burnt,i turned the oven off and put the strainer in the sink.
    I saw my bloody reflection in the window,blood emphysized the brown in my eyes and my pale skin simmered.
    Would he see my beauty even as I am now?
    I headed upstairs to start a bath.
    I must have fallen asleep in the bath because I awoke to him slidding in with me,
    the perfection of him slid right behind me and he kissed my exposed neck.
    He only comes to me after I do terrible things,but when he come I enter another galaxy of emtion,orgasm and roughness I cant share with others.