• Once we were back in Mage terriotory, I put a spell on the staff so we could ride the rest of the way. The blade was behind us and I had both hands on the staff while Greed's arms were around my waist. "It's really cold up here" he mumbled shivering a bit. "Get used to it, Your Majesty. Your gunna expierience a lot of cold here. Especially when flying." I told him. There was silence for a long time until he said "It's differant from demon territory. More calm, nicer" he said and relaxed a bit. "But it won't last will it? Most likely, I will be tormented at this school becouse my dad is the demon king, won't I?" he said, shivering a bit. I looked back at him and his sad eyes "Don't worry, I won't let that happen, besides your the demon prince, if someone's mean to you, be mean back." I said. "You think it's that easy?" he asked, a little angry, his grip tightening around my waist. "No, I don't. It's my lame way of trying to cheer you up." I told him. I saw him smile and his grip, instead of tightening in a angry way, tightened in a happy way. But, either way, it still kinda hurt. "Here comes our first fight" he said. I felt the heat of the flames before he even said anything. I blasted around the balls of fire that shot toward us. Before we were completely away, a fireball got me on my hand and I got a nasty burn. My hand flew off the pole, we crash landed in front of the gate, I helped Greed up, and cast an icey spell back at the other mages.

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