• The attack was fairly easy, but at least there were no casualties so far, just a few wounded. We were ready to set up our new base camp for our next attack, but soon after, we've received a bit of company...

    Soren Whisperwind: Sounds like there isn't any dolls left.

    Me: Yep. I think we killed them all. Anyone hurt?

    Soren Whisperwind: Nope, not at all. I just have a couple of scars.

    Me: Alright, then. As long as you're not TOO hurt. Let's set up!

    [everyone begins to set up the base. Sometime later...]

    Megumi Tekarukite: So what's with you and Shinji overall?

    Me: What do you mean?

    Megumi Tekarukite: I mean... do you two have some kind of alliance going on at times?

    Me: We're just "junior revolutionary youths"; as well as we're all working together to overthrow Denzel Crassus and his legions, we're also plotting to overthrow other people.

    Megumi Tekarukite: Like who?

    Me: Renegade governments and other tyrants we can find. We're just rebels. Even his friends are rebels that are trying to overthrow all the tyrants they can find.

    Baruch van Austins: [overhearing the conversation] Hey, don't forget me, Dave!

    Megumi Tekarukite: [turns around] You, too?

    Baruch van Austins: Yep. Me, Dave, and Soren are usually allied with Shinji at times. We're all rebels. This world is full of tyrants and a corrupt government these days. I can't stand to see another young one out there being preyed by a tyrant. That's pretty much why we formed a clan for ourselves.

    Me: A rebellious one, Meg.

    Megumi Tekarukite: Well, are you guys wanted by the law?

    Baruch van Austins: In some places, yes. Shinji is already on the run, even his uncle is a rebel against the governments himself. That's why we formed to prove ourselves worthy as well as to overthrow the tyrants.

    Me: We're not "terrorists" at all; they see us as "terrorists" since we're often vandalizing property and getting into street fights with thugs.

    Megumi Tekarukite: Grand theft auto, huh?

    Baruch van Austins: Mmhmm.

    Me: Maybe.

    [Soren enters the tent]

    Soren Whisperwind: Dave! Come quick!

    Me: What is it?

    [Soren leads us outside, where everyone encounters a reinforced army of kokeshi dolls]

    Baruch van Austins: What the hell?

    Noriko Sanban: How do they know about our invasion?

    Ada Tekarukite: Maybe one of the dolls escaped and sent a message...

    [the army is lead by someone named Mistress Clara. She is aided by two others: Her younger sister, Mach Nana, and her lover, Sir Logan]

    Mistress Clara: So... these are the rebels that destroyed one of my army camps, huh?

    Mach Nana: [she is the weapon specialist as well as the brains when it comes to machines and anything else tech-related] I just received a message from one of them while I was mass producing weapons for Denzel's troops.

    Sir Logan: I will do anything for you, my love. I shall crush them all.

    Mistress Clara: Wait, dear. I want to see who is behind all of this...

    (End of Chapter 11, Part 1)