• When a mad-man creates " a cure for cancer" , run.

    Planes were flying over the city. They were dropping bombs on the zombie-infested city. "Papa Gator... We just need to destroy the bridge." Said one soldier.

    " Alright. You go do that. I will go signal survivors to go to Mercy Hospital. " Papa Gator said. He flew his helicopter into the city. Most of the buildings were engulfed in flames and destroyed. " I don't think anyone survived this... " He flew to Mercy Hospital. It was the only building standing. Papa Gator picked up a microphone. He pressed a button. " To anyone that can hear this , go to Mercy Hospital for rooftop evacuation. "

    Kriss was sharpening her knife. Her brother , Jack , was reloading his M16.

    "Hey did you hear that?" Kriss said. She looked out the window and saw a large helicopter flying above their neighborhood. " A helicopter! That must mean other survivors. "

    " No sh*t , Sherlock. " Said Jack. He finished reloading his M16 and got it ready.

    " They said something about Mercy Hospital... Rooftop evacuation. " At that moment , Kriss saw a small object fall out of the helicopter. It was a bomb. " Jack! We need to go to the basement!. They're dropping bombs!!. " Kriss yelled.

    Jack held his M16 in his hand and ran to the basement door. He opened it. " Lets get in... " Jack said. He jumped down the flight of stairs.

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