• Prologue
    A couple of gifted scientists discover new, unexplored theories of the world and make attempts to publicize their findings, only to be criticized and rejected by famous scientists. As a result, the scientists created the Scientific Engineering Applied Development, or SEAD.

    A few years after the founding of SEAD, SEAD scientists discovered Animal Genetically Adaptation, or more commonly known as Ani-Genics. Under the Ani-Genic theory, SEAD believed that it was possible to combine animal characteristics with human genetics , resulting in creatures called anigens.

    After many failed experiments, SEAD took human embryos and injected selected animal DNA into them as a last attempt to prove Ani-Genics. The results were the most successful. The embryos grew into young kids who had basic human features with animal ears, tails, and instincts. But when the anigens reach the young teens, most of the animal genetics disappeared.

    SEAD concluded that Ani-Genics was a failure, and closed the program immediately. It released those part of the testing, including those born right in the labs.

    The anigens were believed to have melted right into society.

    Chapter 1 – Hidden in Plain Sight
    As part of the 9th grade scientific education, all students were required to learn the history of SEAD; today's leading science discovery center. And this meant all 9th grade students had to sit in an auditorium and listen to a representative talk about the history of SEAD. While the majority of students enjoyed sitting there, listening to a skinny geek with glasses and unmanageable hair, there were a few students sitting in the back who were totally ignoring the man.

    Up in the balcony portion of the theater, Cutie Marque was doing her best to make a honest attempt to pay attention to the rather unattractive man. Her long silvery-white, straight shoulder length hair covered her ears, giving her face a angel-like glow with iridescent green eyes that pierced the darkness of the theater. Her chin rested on her hands, which were folded one on top of the other, resting on a wall directly in front of the seat.

    Beside her, on her right side, Kitten Diya sat with her head resting on her right hand and her right elbow resting on the right armrest. Long, black, curly, lower back-length hair covered the length of her back. Her pearly-white eyelids covering the deep-blue eyes and her hair covering her eyelids.

    Kitten gave a deep sigh, despite her appearance to be sleeping. She had been dreading this presentation ever since their science teacher, Mr. Prix told them about it.

    “This is so stupid,” Kitten complained. They hadn't been sitting down five minutes, and already Kitten was complaining.

    “But it's the history of our race,” Cutie tried to be positive about the situation. Kitten wasn't listening to her good friend.

    “This isn't the history of our race. It's the beginning of our destruction.” Kitten might exist because of SEAD, but she hated them with everything in her body. SEAD was the reason they were orphans, the reason they've lived in constant fear, and the reason they can't enjoy the same luxuries as regular humans. “We're different because of SEAD. Why should we try to be positive and learn their side of the story? Besides, SEAD's completely destroyed any record of envelopment with us. Our race isn't in that dumbo's history lesson.”

    “Yeah, I know, but,” Cutie was still trying to be positive.

    “But what? We should acknowle-” Kitten stopped talking when she heard the soft footsteps of Mrs. Grindal on the stairs up the the balcony. Her eyes flew open and her head whipped around, facing the teacher just as she approached the two.

    “Ms. Marque, Ms. Diya, please come with me.” Mrs. Grindal's voice was quiet, just above a whisper, as to not attract attention to them. Kitten could feel Cutie's gaze in her direction, but ignored her and stood up instead. After a moment of slight hesitation, Cutie did the same. Mrs. Grindal had returned to the bottom of the stairs with Kitten and Cutie following her, ignoring the stares from fellow classmates.

    Mrs. Grindal led the two girls outside the theater where, waiting with his hands in his pockets, student body president Soren McKinney stood leaning on the wall across from the theater doors.

    “Thank you for getting them for me, Mrs. Grindal,” Soren said as he walked towards them. “I didn't want to make a scene by going in myself.”

    “Of corse, anything to help out the student body president.” Mrs. Grindal, along with the majority of the academy's female teachers, loved and adored President Soren. She lingered for a minute before returning to the theater with the rest of the 9th grade students.

    “You wanted us?” Cutie was quick to get to the point.

    “Actually, I was asked to as a favor from Krimzen,” Soren explained. Kitten, who had been looking at the wall behind Soren with no expression, widened her eyes and looked directly at Soren in disbelief.

    “Krimzen asked you?”

    “Its Upperclassman, Vice-President Diya to you,” a high pitched, annoying voice said from behind them. Alissa Blackmorr, a junior and the student body secretary, loved and adored Krimzen Diya, but always seemed to overlook the fact that he was Kitten's older brother.

    "Right. And your the Upperclassman b---," Cutie's hand materialized over Kitten's mouth, preventing her from receiving a verbalized detention warning from the junior before them.

    "Wasn't there a reason you called us out?" Cutie adverted the conversation.

    ---To Be Continued---