• I woke up to the sound of my alarm.

    Ugh" i groaned tiredly.

    I'm Annie, a high schooler. This is the beginning of January and i don't plan to spoil it. It's not even cold down here in Texas. I stumbled out of bed, stubbing my toe on my dresser. I usually only take 7 minutes to change for school. I picked out on gray jeggins and a vintage shirt.Got some fruity perfume to spritz on, and darted down the hall.i plucked a cracker out of it's box and crammed it into my mouth.

    I busted out the door, my neighbor Nick's voice traveled down the streets, "Hurry up! we're gonna be ******** late!!! come on b***h!

    On our bus, we're the 1st ones picked up in the morning, and the last dropped off in the afternoon, it sucks! We live at the last row of our neighborhood and the bus waits right next to the 1st row... wonderful ain't it?

    Panting, at least i was, Nick's a football player so i guess he's used to this. Mrs. Collins, our bus driver sees us and halts. I climbed aboard the bus.

    OMFG did i just say "aboard??" I'm not even on a boat! what am I, a pirate?

    yes you did, and u might as well be one.you nincompoop

    oh no you didn't conscious!

    I just did..

    Oh don't be talking to me like that! hold on, wait. why the ******** am i even talking to my self?

    i guess you really are a nincompoop.

    SHUT UP! I COMMAND YOU TO GO AWAY! Pretty please! xD

    -_- fine..

    "why are you so late??" mrs collins said angrily.

    Holy... She usually isn't like hits, she's so nice, she gives us, ravenous high schoolers, candy sometimes! FREAKING CANDY!

    "well.." i started

    "nope, no excuses, just shut it!"

    I sat there, dumb founded.

    Nick leaned over and whispered " burn! b***h just got powned! "

    That little... Not going to say it..err think it.. fine.. rascal..

    After the ride to school, I fast walked to the school, some how, I managed to bump into my crush,Jerry, stupid pigeon toed feet...

    "s**t" I cussed. "I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to, sorry sorry"

    Yeah, no prob" he said smoothly while managing to smile effortlessly.

    Why couldn't I be so smooth? But nooo I had to be a stupid, good for nothing klutz, wonderful piece of s**t I am, right? I jogged to class, the halls now empty, and sat down, breathed in, hoping this would be a better year.