• So... You've been to a city once, right? You seen a subway, bus stop, and taxis everywhere, you catching on now? Got the idea of one big, smoke-filled, a*****e central city? Good. Because this is where the story starts... Story? No... This is where the biggest massacre happens. Hm.... I think story sounds better here.
    Anyway, you get the idea it's a city as the setting. Can you see the subway? Of course you can. Notice anyone standing out there in the crowd? No. Because she is just like everyone else. Now, you're probably questioning who, where, and why... Who is this person talking about? Where is this 'she'? And why am I reading this?
    Who... She is Beatrice. Just your average woman. Working to make it in life. Where: she's heading into the subway to go home. Why: You're the one reading this. I'm just narrating. Well, anyway, if you wish to continue, read on. Just know that this does get better. I assure you of this.
    The subway was gloomy and stunk of old homeless people and broke beer bottles, with the occasional rat here and there. Beatrice was used to all this, used to the disgusting smells , people, and even the rat that brushed her feet every now and then.
    "I hate my life, I hate my life, I haaaateeee my life!" She'd scream inside her head. But today was just one of those days she just wanted to crawl into the hole she called an apartment and sleep forever. With black Skull Candy headphones on and Linkin Park blasting in her ears, she focused on the little things that made her happy.

    "Hello lady..." A rough voice said behind her. The owner was tall, dark hair and many piercings were protruding from his face and ears. Ripped jeans and a mix of blood and alcohol was on his wife beater.
    "Lady, I'm talking to you!" He grabbed her roughly by her arm and pulled her to a wall close by. He knocked her headphones off and startled Beatrice.
    With wide eyes, she watched as his grin grew across his face as he pulled out a knife and held it near her throat.
    Now, usually this didn't scare her, but she'd seen his picture in the most wanted. He was known for raping his victims. And when he was finished, he'd either keep them, or torture them and slowly kill them.
    "I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. Ohmigod I'm gonna die!!" She thought over and over as she watched him lick his lips thinking of what to try first.
    "Excuse me, sir..." Another man came up behind him, gently tapping on his shoulder. He was extremely attractive and yet, there seemed to be something wrong with his looks.
    "I think you should treat a woman better than that. Take her to dinner, buy her flowers, and such. Don't you think Miss?" He glanced to her and gave a wink.
    She shook with fear as the man grabbed her throat and pulled her towards him. Wrapping an arm around her waist and still holding the knife to her neck, she threw up her arms to hold his.
    "Who the hell are you?! Can't you see, I'm busy!" He growled to the strange man.
    "I'm Aden..." He took a graceful bow, "And you sir, are Dead." He gave a wicked smile.
    Just then, he punched the crazed killer in the face, breaking his nose, and then quickly grabbing the knife before it cut Beatrice, all in one move. He then proceeded to kick the man in his side, causing him to finally free her from his grip; Aden pulled her into his arms and smiled sweetly to her.
    "You all right, Miss?" He gently asked close to her ear. His lips brushed her cheek and touched her ear.
    She felt the blood rush to her face as he moved back to see her expression.
    "I'm going to kill you, and that b***h!" The killer screamed as he ran towards Aden and Beatrice.
    In one swift moment, he spun Beatrice to the side, still holding her hand, and took the man's knife and sliced his neck from left to right and then finally up and down. Making a cross on his Adam's apple. Aden kicked the man's throat and pulled Beatrice back into his arms. As if they were just dancing, instead of killing a serial killer.
    Her legs got tangled and tied because of the laces on her boots. Her arms ached and her sleeves were stretched from all the throwing and pulling. It caused her right sleeve to fall off her shoulder exposing skin.
    Blood spewed from the man's neck and Aden smiled with glee. "That's what his kind gets for treating a beautiful woman so badly... Oh dear! Are you cold?" He glanced back to her. She was shaking so hard she was about to fall out of his arms.
    "C-c-c-old?! H-h-h-ow can I be cold?! I-I-I-" She went silent in his arms as he kissed her lips softly.
    "Will you be mine?" He asked lowly and softly.
    She pulled one arm up and socked him in his face. Making him drop her, as he staggered back holding his left cheek.
    "DON'T YOU EVER KISS ME!" She screamed as she gathered her belongings and quickly left him in the subway.
    "My... I think I'm in love..." He said as he watched her leave and he held his chest. Feeling something different inside than before.

    As soon as Beatrice got home, she locked her door, covered her windows, and headed for her bedroom. On the way, she dropped pieces of her clothes and locked her door. Trying to get out of the dirty and find something clean. Luckily in her room, there was a walk in bathroom.
    Running to it, she shut and locked that door. Turning on the shower and sliding in, she tried to hide from the things she had just witnessed. Letting all the bad memories and emotions flow down her body while the water washed it away. Just two things kept bugging her. Two tiny things from that event... Why did he save her? What did he look like again?

    Aden looked around and smelled the air. Blood. He must have gotten some on him when he killed that man. This won't attract anyone.
    "Anyone sane that is..." He thought to himself as he bent down over the body and pulled the man's black, scruffy hair.
    "You gave me a lot of trouble to find you... Gave me problems picking up people. Now I lost that beauty too..." He let his fingers glide over the man's cuts. Aden smiled as he walked away, blood staining his fingers and shirt.
    "Tick, tick, tick..." He whispered as he left the subway. Just a few seconds later, an explosion came out, and so did clouds of smoke.
    People swarmed over to find out what happened and many held cameras recording the event. Some had cell phones clicking and calling people, maybe even the police.
    Aden closed his eyes and tilted his head up to the sky. The moon shined down on him and made his two tones of blond gleam with it. Slowly he opened his green eyes and saw Beatrice sitting on a chair in her bedroom with her music playing and reading one of her favorite books. He smiled, pleased to know that he could now find her easily.

    Beatrice couldn't have felt more peaceful, safe, or happier... At least to her knowledge so far. A good book, music playing, and waiting for a pizza to be delivered by one of her friends. One she knew would stay with her all night and not question why... Valora was great for these needs.
    Of course Valora had a key to her apartment and was told to use it whenever she needed or wanted to. Very little was kept in the house, but there was always something for her. There was always space for her too. The only thing Beatrice asked of her was to keep others out that she didn't know. And not to tell anyone where she lived.
    Beatrice had a problem with people. Not just the thing of, "I hate people!", but more of they liked to stalk her. Harass her... etc. So Beatrice trusted a few... Very lucky and noble few.
    "Bee... Bee." A few knocks on her bedroom door let her know she was there.
    "Valora!" She quickly got up and ran to her door. Dropping her book and finally opening the door, she wrapped her arms around her best friend.
    Beatrice hid her face in Valora's neck a Valora gave her a big hug. "What's wrong baby? You sounded shaky. Did some guy try something on you? What's he look like!"
    "No, no. Not really... I don't know where to start. But first, pizza!" Beatrice smiled to her tall, pale friend.
    Valora had long brown hair, with her bangs growing out. Blue grey eyes, and the lightest skin she'd ever seen. Valora always wore dark clothes; always baggy or boyish. Her dark grey pants had many pockets and her maroon shirt worked well together on her.
    Beatrice had on one of her army pants she'd found in a thrift store, and a long sleeved, black shirt. Her brown hair was shorter than Val, but it was starting to grow out more. She'd need a hair cut soon. The tips of her hair barely brushed her shoulders, but it was always hard to tell, especially when she tried to hide it behind her ears.
    The two of them laughed and walked to the kitchen to get plates and drink.
    Later the two of them were on the bed in Beatrice's room, watching scary movies and talking.
    "Bee... Wanna tell why you were shaky now? I fed you, fess up!" Val smiled to her and gave her a small push on her arm.
    Beatrice sighed and sat up. Crossing her legs, she wrapped the blanket over her shoulders. Staring into Valora's eyes she began with the end of her day at her miserable job and ended finally with the shower. And all the while, Valora listened, nodded, and grew paler. Finally, it took the scream of the horror film to break the silence that came after Beatrice finished her long adventure. Unfortunately, it also scared the crap out of them.

    Aden looked left and right, trying to figure out which direction she had went. The city was packed with people. Many of them were people of the night; the ones that hid during the day while the normal folk paraded up and down the streets. He felt at home.
    Aden grinned as he spotted another young lady, and hungered for a talk with her. "After all, I do need to be social..."
    "I'll be calling you to see..." Aden's charm clicked and the lady quickly noticed.
    "Calling me? Why is that?" Her red lips gleamed in the street light. Her bleached blond hair was curled and her skin was milky with burns and cuts scattered everywhere. Aden saw every little detail on her body. From her dried hair to her chewed on high heels. And every disgusting thing in between.
    "I'll be calling you to see if you're sleeping, and if you're sleeping are you dreaming? If you're dreaming are you," He bowed and took her hand to kiss it, "Are you dreaming of me?"
    "Hey, nice pick up line... What would you like?" She gave him her best smile and swallowed back all of her will to kiss him.
    "A nice evening in the park... Shall we?" He gave her a devious smile as he pulled her close to him. 'Even hookers know a thing or two about directions...' Aden thought as he kept swooning her.

    And in no time at all, he had gotten many things out of that hooker. One of them being directions to Saint Street. Another being a new set of clothes.
    Aden smiled and wiped the cheap red lipstick from his cheek. Pleased with his results. 'Only ten minutes to get this all. That's new...' He chuckled as he thought.

    Meanwhile, Beatrice and Valora slept safely inside the apartment. Nothing could have disturbed them from their deep sleep. The TV buzzed and the static hummed softly. The lights were turned off, the only light slipped in from under the door and from the TV. Blankets were thrown everywhere, yet somehow they covered them enough. The pizza box was in the floor, plates and cups were set on the nightstand. The room was a mess with clothes, towels, and even little stuffed animals. Pictures were scattered on the floor, because the box that held them broke one morning, and she hadn't enough time to really pick them up.
    Time that she will later get back...