• Blaze watched the new guy her interest piqued. She wondered what dumbass stunt he pulled to get here. She mulled over why she was here. She remembered with a sly grin on her face.
    She had driven her ex-boyfriends midnight blue convertable into a lake near his house and set it on fire. She had been caught and sent here. She came back abruptly when someone crashed into her.
    "What the hell is your problem. You dumbass. I should-" She stopped speaking when she glanced up and saw who it was.
    "You should do what?"
    "Um, nothing. Who are you anyway?"
    "Names Blade. You?"
    "Blaze. I'm here for driving my ex-boyfriends car into his lake and setting it on fire. Why are you here?"
    "You don't need to know."
    "Well we'll all know tonight. Its counseling night." She smirked. "Bye, Blade."
    She strode off. She cursed herself mentally. She headed toward the public showers. She went through the doors. She went to a stall and started the water after stripping off her clothes. She lifted her face to the water and sighed. It felt so good. She started to reach for the shampoo, when the shower curtain was ripped open.
    "What the ********. Occupied." She covered her breasts. She looked up and scowled. "You, again?"
    "Sorry, I didn't realize you were in there. But I'm glad I did." He looked her up and down and smiled appreciatively.
    "Get out you perv." She pushed him out and finished her shower. She got out and toweled off and got dressed.
    tab tab tab tab To be continued...
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