• In Rufisiyu, a country in the north eastern part of the world, there can be found many brilliant scientists, doctors and many great writers and artists. The country is small and its main exports are these people. They are highly advanced in technology but their military and political power is ranked among the lowest. This is where our young heroine was born and raised. 13 miles North West from the capital, the main seaports can be found along the booming city, Ruu. Rufisith was born to Luciferon and Ruciana Yuubiis, the second of 9 children. Due to an economic boom, Rufisith grew up in a quite wealthy domestic family much thanks to Luciferon a sea merchant and Ruciana as a naval navigator. However, due to some corrupted parliament officials plotting to limit the country’s population growth, Rufisith lost two of her seven brothers when she was only 6. Having her mother’s physical features and her father’s intelligent mind, she quickly rose to be the most promising scholar in the nearby school. As an avid learner she studied everything and anything that she came across on the way from home to school. Rufisith became top in the school and won nearly every award including four science awards which gave her the nickname “The Runner-Up Sci-Fi Geek”. By age 15 she had finished elementary education and was accepted to numerous universities including many from abroad. At her parents’ advice, she went to Yiitri University to major in all sciences. Finishing her masters and doctorates in sciences by 20 she started her career as a politician, doctor, and scientist.

    At the age of 22, Rufisith had established a remarkable life in Yiitri, the capital city of Rufisiyu. She was revered by many in the country and the rest of the world for being the most perfect being of her race. Out of two human races, she was of a race that was disappearing. Her plan was that as long as she was in some sort of power, she wanted to eliminate the human race that was growing and soon overpopulating the world. Since her parents were also a part of the major human race, she decided to save her family and those she trusted most. However she didn’t know that this would be the cause leading to the death of thousands of the minor human race.

    Always on the forefront of the news, Rufisith greatly influenced younger minds and became a role model for all citizens including foreigners all over the world. But, she never travelled. When she wasn’t leading the country and helping with their medical problems, she was busily working with many bright engineers and technicians for greater technological advancements towards the development of their tiny nation. Although their military power was small, it was so technologically advanced that there was no need for any manpower at all. At one click of a button, they could wipe out an enemy nation before they even had time to retaliate. Their defence systems were so great that they could detect any launched missiles heading towards them and destroy the missiles within minutes.

    One day, Rufisith was reclining in her lounge with three of her most trusted advisors when they were interrupted by a sudden rap on the door. As soon as she gave permission for whomever it was to enter, two heavily armed guards came in followed by two men in expensive black suits and another two guards. She recognized one of the men in black as her secretary and the other, her colleague. They insisted that their news was urgent and she bid them to sit and speak.

    “Many parties of government officials known especially for their violent acts against those they hate and recently received your high-profiled, top-secret plan on eliminating the superior human beings from a bug in our system and have resolved by provoking the national government to eliminate all the minorities and those who are in daily contact with the minorities. Of course, this includes us, your family and the rest of our human race. However they are only eliminating those in our country first, and if the side effects are positive they will move on the rest of the world governments in an attempt to ‘purge’ the world clean of the ‘cursed minorities.’ It seems that they too were plotting similar matters as we were and were waiting for an opportunity to come up. That is all, my lady.” They said in a very confidential manner.

    Rufisith took all of this information in and asked when would this horror begin and how much time they had left to escape. They told her that this act has already been legalized and will begin in approximately two hours. What with the country being small, it was nearly impossible to hide in it and the best way to escape this attack was to take refuge in another country that was as powerful as was theirs.

    She knew that by all means she had to avoid everyone except for those escaping with her. Just the idea of this newly formed law seemed to be outrageous and as soon as word got out to the rest of the country and the world, many didn’t even feel as if it was a righteous act to get rid of the minorities, especially the world’s brightest ones. The law decreed that if a minor was seen or found, they should be caught and taken to the authorities, but when Rufisith ran across the street to her car no one moved from their spots and carried on with their work and/or daily lives. Once in the car, Rufisith rode all the way to a small airstrip base where she and many of her colleagues tested new machines and devices. They were already there waiting for her. All of them felt that the government was being too harsh with her and did not even believe that she had plotted to get rid of the other human race. They helped her get into a new flying machine that was smaller than most fighter jets, more fuel efficient and faster. But even before lift-off, the military planes were in the air blocking all airways and paths preventing any possible escape routes. Her colleagues reassured her and told her that the new plane should be fast enough to avoid any attacks and would be able to get out on low altitudes, but before they could say any further, two fighters had launched a barrel of missiles towards the small airstrip and destroyed most of the base, killing all who worked there. Rufisith and her co-pilot had managed to escape into the woods flying at the low altitudes, nonetheless there were squads of escape prevention troops surrounding the entire border and she was forced to pull back and return to a safer place within the country.

    A week later, Rufisith had gone through plastic surgery twice and genetically modeled a corpse to look exactly like her and have the same genes running throughout the whole body’s cells. It took her the whole week creating a lifeless body with her remaining friends who had also gone through face remodeling and cloning. She had taken on a fake id and gone to the authorities with a well known autopsy detective with the cloned lifeless bodies. Once the government had declared that she and the other doctors were dead, Rufisith took on the identification of Ruth Yuubiis which was basically her old name with sci-fi taken out.
    Once the government was sure that all of the minorities were gone from their country, they announced that they were going to execute any female intellectuals and would forgive female intellectuals who gave up their degrees and rights as equal humans. Fortunately for Ruth was that she had already signed all the papers and documents needed for emigration. She was to migrate to the largest and most powerful nation in the world, Stana. Most of her family assumed she was dead and none of them came to any harm since they had not any contact with her and her associates for more than five years. While she and her escapees got ready to leave for the next day, she continued her research on extraterrestrial beings. She hoped that she could make contact with the aliens to help her with her situation on Erthi.

    5 hours before she got on to a plane she successfully made contact with the aliens. They were beings of immense intelligence and were quick to learn the language she spoke. They communicated for awhile and the aliens figured that she was one of the few high intellectual humans in Erthi. They told her that when their ancestors visited the ancient peoples of Erthi, the people were all stupid and eventually forgot about the existence of aliens. They quickly decided to rescue Rufisith once knowing that the stupid humans were trying to get rid of the smarter beings on Erthi.

    It was an amazing sight to everyone on Erthi, yet it was like a hellish nightmare had come to reality. Aliens, who were talked about as fictional mythological creatures, had invaded Erthi. These aliens could understand everything they spoke of and had machines that could read the minds of any living being on Erthi no matter the distance. They threatened the world’s leaders and peoples saying that anyone who harms an exceptionally intelligent living being is an act of war against all intellectual beings and will be terminated at once. The world fought back with words of violence, all proclaiming that the aliens were deceiving them and fired all missiles and weapons towards the alien ships. Within a blink of an eye, every missile and weapons of war were destroyed even to the smallest pistol and knife. Buildings and machines all over the world crumbled as if the whole world was shaken by an earthquake. The aliens deported all the intelligent humans and their associates on to their ships and finally purged Erthi of all things living. Then they gave strict warnings to the surviving humans to never allow the intelligent humans to be wiped out ever again and that the aliens will always be out there watching over all nations, galukas and the whole universalia. Rufisith was among those who had survived, and quickly rose as the ruler of the world and had finally realized that her long lasting dream had come true; to make her race the only one standing.