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    stare My name is james McCartney. Age: 8
    I live in a world filled with murder, gangs,sexual harasments,and nightmares.
    In this world there is my father Jacob, he is a drug addict,while my mother Jolie is a prostitue.
    *What's your world like?*
    My parents and i have always been sexually harassed by men and women.
    But it all changed wen my dad came home with the police.
    All i could hear was my mother yelling
    "why did you do it? didn't you learn years ago when you got caught with drugs in your mouth?"
    *Has your Father ever get caught with drugs in his mouth?*
    But, my mother stopped when she saw me and said
    "honey i'm sorry but your going to live somewhere else for awhile till we can become better parents." as if i were still a 4 year old Then i said with out blinking
    "Jolie i know ." stare

    * * *
    To be continued....

    so how was my storry?
    can you tell me wat i did wrong please?