• Three silver figures resembling Zexion, Axel, and Demyx stand in a vast black abyss. 'Zexion' actually sits on something, 'Axel' paces and 'Demyx' flies. "It shouldn't have ended that way." 'Axel' comments
    "You killed yourself." 'Zexion' points out
    "I know"
    "And you had me killed."
    "I know!" 'Axel' whirls around to face him. 'Demyx' just inputs various fascinated comments. 'Axel' resumes pacing "It still shouldn't have ended that way." He finally sits down and thinks. "What if we found a way back?" 'Demyx' lands. 'Zexion' just looks at him
    "That's crazy. Our bodies faded when we died."
    "But it's not impossible?" 'Demyx' just looks at them
    "What's not?" 'Zexion' sighs in defeat
    "No. It's not impossible." 'Axel' then grabs 'Demyx' as he stands
    "Then let's try it." The two disappear, 'Zexion' soon following.