• tab Tim got up in the middle of the night with some hunger and decided to go and check the fridge downstairs. He opened it and saw nothing that could satisfy him tonight, then he looked in the freezer and the first thing he saw was some deer meat packaged from his family's last hunting trip. He saw nothing and closed it.
    tab 'Oh, wait, I saw some ice cream,' he told himself. He opened the freezer again and saw the whole thing full of packaged deer meat. 'What the-' eek
    He closed it and opened it again; this time there was some entrails from an animal. He closed it and opened it again; this time there was the same guts but with maggots on them. He closed it and opened it again; this time there was the same guts and the head of a small deer. He closed it and opened it again; this time it was just two rats humping heach other. 'Huh?' confused
    tab Tim closed it and opened it again and saw everything had returned to normal. Tim saw the ice cream, 'Ooh, chocolate chip mint.' 4laugh
    He grabbed the whole half gallon and a big spoon and turned off the light so he could head upstairs. As soon as he turned them off he heard hoofs sounding in the living room. He turned then on and it stopped. He turned them off and it continued. On, stopped. Off, continued. On, stopped. Off, on, off, on, off, on, off, on, off. Tim left them off and raced towards the staircase saying "Holy s**t. Holy s**t. Holy s**t. Holy shi-" he tried to make a fast turn but slipped the rug and fell. "Ow... s**t." crying
    He touched were he hurt but he recovered real fast when he heard the hooves again. "Holy s**t. Holy s**t..."
    tab He got into his room and went under the covers. "Holy s**t. Holy s**t. Holy s**t. Holy s**t." He stayed really quiet and really, really still. Then, he felt something. Something was pulling the covers off of him. He got real scared and the less covers he had the more he clutched himself into a ball. The covers were almost comepletely off him. Oh, crap. The monster is going to get him.
    tab "Boo!" Dominic, Tim's brother, screamed. Tim jump off his bed scared shitless. Dominic just laughed.
    tab "Ah! Srew you! You a*****e!" Tim said.
    tab "Damn, bro, you got scared."
    tab "So it was you making those hoof sounds."
    tab "What hoof sounds?"
    tab "Don't act stupid. You know what I'm talking about."
    tab "No I don't." Dominic turns on the lights and as soon as he does... "Holy-" eek
    tab "What?" Tim asked.
    tab "Daaaamn. You peed!" Dominic laughs. rofl
    tab "Oh, s**t. Hey shut up, man. That s**t aint funny."
    tab " rofl "
    tab Tim is about to cry when suddenly BAM! something hit the window and Tim and Dominic both jumped. They stood still for a few seconds. Tim went and checked the window and saw an imprint of a deer hoof on it. They both looked at each other, then Tim looks down at Dominic's pants. "Aw, shitstix," Diminic says.