• I kept running as fast as my legs could carry me. My vision was a blur. I could feel the wind pass through my hair. But I could also feel my body tempature rising. If i kept running, my body wouldve burnt out. I wouldve been defenceless. Just how i hated to be. I started to slow down near a pond. The air had a unusual sting. My lungs started to hurt. My throat was dry. A harsh wind blew through the forest, making me shiver. I looked around. On the pond, ice started to form. Frost thickend on the trees, and on the ground. My breath became visible. I was in a dense mist the came up to my knees. I looked around and soon felt the air tensing. Two oppisit forces where at battle. The air wanted to become colder, but i made it hotter. Minature tornados started to form and twirling around, then disapering after a few seconds.
    I took a few more steps closer to the pond. The coldness became more severe. I could feel my body being at war with the air. I looked around, looking for the reason of the sudden chills.
    Just then, a voice broke the quiet. "Don't move, unless you want to feel my dagger give you frost bite." The voice was supirsingly calm, even, and cool, for a threating tone. I turned around slowly to look at the threatener. I swear, I couldn't tell if i was ready to burst out laughing, or be completely awestruck. There standing in front of me, was a girl, that looked my age, my hieght, with snow white hair, and pale blue eyes, carrying a 13 inch long dagger. She wore a simple, sleeveless kimino that came to her knees, and was outlined with fur, along with tabi, and sleeves that came from her elbow, to her wrist. I put my hand on my hilt. I couldn't kill some one like her. It just wasn't right. The girl kept her eyes on mine.
    "look, i'm not trying to kill anybody here, i was just looking for..." I stopped in mid sentance to duck from icicles as sharp as knives. "hey what was that for!?" i yelled as i heard the icicles land in a tree. I looked at them, sticking out. "shut up, you talk to much, just tell me, are you a shinigami?" I looked at the girl and then replied "do I look like a shinigami to you?" The girl stepped closer to me, until she was a foot away from me. Her eyes were piercing into me. " I guess you don't, you got too much, ah what is the word? carelessness."
    I scoffed. "you're calling me careless?" I couldn't believe some one like her would call me careless. I started to unsheath my sword. My anger fueling my flame. I was ready to kill that girl on the spot. I started to run towards the girl, but I was thrown back by a dark blast. I landed on my back. My eyes became so sore, i was almost blind. I tried standing back up, but again i was blasted, this time i faceplanted a tree. I landed on the ground. My entire body was now sore. I looked for the girl. She was fighting a shinigami, and it looked like she wasn't doing too well. I scanned the area. I saw the shinigami that was blasting me. I saw his evil, merciless eyes. i put my hand on my hilt and jumped into the air. The shinigami tried blasting me, but i was to quick. I landed behind him and pulled out my sword. The shinigami turned around and tried to slash me. I blocked the attack with my hilt then kicked the shinigami's hand away.
    I made another swift kick to the shinigamis stomache, and he groaned in pain. I took my sword hilt and hit him very hard on the back of his head. Score one for the Fire guy. The shinigami fell to the ground, uncousious. I looked towards the girl and then took a deep breath and focused on the shinigami attacking her. I never controled fire very well before, but now was a time to try. I focused harder, and felt my hand blaze. I smiled and then flew backwards, my thoughts were knocked out of my head. All i could see was black. I took a deep breath, and everything went away.