• Sayomi

    Everything hurt. I was aware that blood was oozing out of my mouth and my back hurt like hell. Everything was in a red haze, even Yoichi was as he knelt over me. He looked so worried, so stressed and depressed. He didn't know what to do, that much I could tell. I opened my mouth, more blood came out, but I, as quickly as I could, wiped it away and whisperd "Spring" I couldn't say anything else. But, he seemed to understand. He did his best to lift me up into his arms. Than, he started running towards where Setsuna said it'd be. It was a large spring with small waterfalls here and there. But, with my vision a red haze, it looked like a spring filled with blood. Yoichi ran to it, but, by the time he reached it, he slipped and we both tubbled into the water. As my skin touched the water, it began to heal. And when I looked up, I saw all the past goddesses leaving into the sky, except for Setsuna, she didn't go up to the sky, or down underground, just dissapeared. I felt myself slipping. Not as in dying, but fainting, but, not before I got to see Yoichi glow, just as I was. I smiled a bit. "So, that's how it goes, huh?" I thought, and blacked out.


    I slipped and fell. How manly is that? And right into the springs. I landed next to Sayomi (who I knew now was Sayomi). She looked away at nothingness, but she was really looking at something. Than she smiled, her eyes growing darker. She looked at me, and I saw her glow and her wounds heal. Than, her eyes closed. I quickly sat up and checked to make sure she was breathing, she was. The fangs were gone now. "Yoichi." she mumbled in her sleep. It made me smile "So, I'm in her dreams too, huh?" I thought. I sighed and lifted her up a bit. I want to make sure she drank the some of the water. I placed her head on my arm and cupped my hand to hold some water. Placed my hand near her lips and let the water go down her throught. Instead of choking, she started drinking it. After a while of doing this, I picked her up in my arms, I decided to use a little speed magic to get back, and we were there, back in the castle, within the hour.

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