Tell me, Kai. Would you still love me if my promise was unintentionally broken?

    I finally managed to force myself to get some sleep after being awake for a few days straight. I had been way too petrified to close my eyes for even a second. Minoru and Kaiba were keeping watch on me, even when they weren't physically at the prison. I could hear them talking to me and taunting me in my mind and they were still trying to convince me that Kai was unfaithful.

    I had lost track of how long I was in the prison; all I knew was that it was too long. I was waiting for the moment that Minrou would attack me and not hold back. My end was nearing and I was starting to embrace it; I had nothing else left.

    I turned my head to the other side and flinched slightly after I felt something against the waistband of my shorts. I ignored it and tried to get back to my three-hour sleep. After another moment, there was another tug and I rolled over; it was probably a rat bothering me or something. My eyes snapped open as soon as my shorts were pulled off completely. By no surprise, it was Minoru again. I immediately tried to back away but Minoru stopped me by gripping my right bicep and holding me down onto the ground.

    "Wh-what are you doing?" I started panicking, thinking I was still dreaming. "Get off--!"

    My shouting was interruped by Minoru roughly cupping his hand over my mouth. He leaned in close to me with one of his fangs glowing in the late moonlight, "You've left me craving more," he hissed. "I'm forbidden to leave the prison, as you are, so I can't find any women." He smirked. "You'll have to do for now."

    I shook my head furiously and started kicking around; I must have been dreaming. It was really early in the morning; Minoru couldn't have been coming in to wake me up. He started messing with my underwear and I started kicking even more. At one point, I slapped him and he squeezed my bottom jaw, causing me to grunt in pain.

    "Don't. Scream." he articulated, glaring at me with glowing red eyes.

    "Go away," I hyperventilated. "Don't do this again."

    "I have my needs, just as you do," he hissed.

    After another moment, I screamed, consumed by ultimate fear. It was happening again and I was still trying to convince myself it was all a dream, but the pain was too real. I screamed again and my voice suddenly went out; Minoru activated half of the charm on me, but I could still move. Minoru released his hand from my jaw and gripped onto my ribs with both hands. I could no longer scream, but I sure as hell could cry.

    Minoru lowered his face down to mine and I looked away, still sobbing uncontrollably, "That heart of yours is beating awfully fast," he stated almost hesitantly. "Your blood sounds beautiful."

    His words were disgusting. I slapped him and he harshly pressed his lips against my airway. For the longest time, he continuously licked my throat and my jugular vein. I knew he wanted my blood but he had to keep himself from attacking me. Instead, he would distract himself by forcing himself on me. How cruel the world was.

    I noticed Minoru's eyes growing redder and angrier. It seemed as though his thirst was surpassing his anger, though. The pressure of his hands on my ribs was increasing and I was fearing the worst. Unfortunately, I was correct. Minoru had lost control of himself and he increased the pressure even further, breaking about half of my ribs. His charm had worn off at that moment and I released one of the loudest screams I ever managed to belt out.

    "I told you to shut up," he hissed and covered my mouth again, slightly panting. "I'm so damn thirsty..."

    I shook my head to shake his hand off of my mouth"Get off of me!" I sobbed, running out of breath from the pungent pain in my ribs.

    Minoru ran one of his fists into the wall next to us and growled unbelievably loud. He immediately leaned down and pressed his lips against my jugular vein once more. Once I felt his fangs start scraping against the surface of my skin, I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the worst. But just before he could dig in, the prison cell door opened and Kaiba stormed in angrily. Minoru's fangs barely pricked the surface of my skin before he was pulled off of me.

    "Enough, Minoru!" Kaiba hissed at Minoru, throwing him over to the other side of the prison. "You'll kill her before the set date if you keep that up."

    Minoru was panting desperately and he directed his eyes towards me. There was one spot of my blood on his bottom lip and he licked it off. I rolled over onto my side and cradled my arms around my ribs; they were in such agony. I knew they weren't split, but they were cracked at the least. But that was the least of my worries; Minoru had forced himself on me again. I broke my promise to Kai once more; how could I have allowed such a thing to happen again?

    "Enough forcing yourself on her," Kaiba spoke up again. "You can survive another day and a half."

    A day and a half...so that was how much time I had left, "G-get him away from me," I sobbed, barely comprehensible when I spoke.

    "It's two in the morning, Minoru," Kaiba sighed irritably. "Allow her some sleep for once."

    I was happy that Kaiba was defending me, but I knew it was only because he didn't want Minoru to get to my blood before him. It was an incredibly close call; Minoru could have sucked me dry right then. I wiped my neck and there were only a couple small drops of blood.

    Minoru had gotten up and left the prison, cursing under his breath as he took his leave. Kaiba glanced back at me after I winced. I glanced up at him, "Pl-please help me..." I cried. "My ribs..."

    "I'm not a doctor," Kaiba snapped at me. "Learn to cope with it."

    I sobbed, "I want to see Kai again,"

    "You had your chance; enough with the sobbing." Kaiba stepped out of the prison. "We'll return in the morning."

    I rolled onto my hands and knees and vomited violently. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell whether or not it was from fear or continuing morning sickness. How had I not miscarried already? Considering the abuse and stress I had been suffering through, the babies should have died already. But since they're half Vampire babies, they could probably survive easier than a normal human baby.

    "Kai..." I sobbed, throwing up again. "Kai, I'm sorry."

    Shivering from the cold of the early morning and the prison, I slipped my underwear and shorts back on with palpitating hands. I had lost all hope in everything; normally, Kai would have found a way to rescue me by now. He was under complete possession of the contract until my death; he couldn't come save me. How was he going to handle my death? How was he going to handle his childrens' deaths?


    Unfortunately for me, I was awakened rudely by a foot pressing harshly against one side of my ribs, agonizing the broken ones, and instantly waking me up with an audible groan. To my surprise, it was Kaiba instead of Minoru; I would have been relieved, just until he pressed just a little harder and I shrieked in agony.

    "Bath time," he advised.

    Even though I was barely fed enough, I was happy they allowed me to take baths. But, that morning, I didn't feel like moving a single inch. Unfortunately, when you're a prisoner, you have no more free will. Kaiba gripped me by my bicep and forced me onto my feet. He lead me towards the bath and I groaned as I walked; not only were my ribs still throbbing, but it hurt between my legs too.

    Kaiba chuckled, "I should have warned you; Minoru likes his women."

    "Your cousin can go burn and rot in a hole," I hissed quietly.

    In a short moment, Kaiba whipped around to slap me across the face. Just as quickly as he slapped me, he turned back around, almost as though it didn't happen. It took me a moment to realize how quickly he slapped me; I didn't feel the pungent pain until about thirty seconds after he turned back around. We reached the bath and I still above it with my toes curled over the edge.

    "Don't just stand there; get in." Kaiba ordered.

    After another minute of deep breathing, I painfully removed my camisoles, shorts, bra, and underwear, all in front of Kaiba. He didn't seem provoked in any way by seeing my naked body, but I couldn't help but feel incredibly unsafe near him. I dipped myself into the hotter-than-usual bathtub and tried to seat myself. I kept myself standing up, afraid to dip any deeper into the boiling hot water.

    "Why is the water so hot?" I gasped, barely able to breathe from the steam.

    "Just get in," Kaiba hissed, annoyed.

    I didn't like his intentions, even though I didn't know what they were. I continued to stand, facing Kaiba with my arms criss-crossed over my bare chest and anger etched onto my face. My chances against him were futile, but I couldn't help but want to be rebellious. After several minutes of standing in the tub, my stomach started to ache. It wasn't necessarily my stomach; after I felt around, I noticed it was coming from where my babies were at.

    "Ow, ow..." I gritted my teeth together. "Ow...what did you do?" I looked over at Kaiba.

    Slowly, a smirk crept across Kaiba's face, "Nothing," he stated nonchalantly yet ominously.

    I gasped and hunched over in pain. I looked over at him once more and noticed a small bottle sitting next to him. The pain worsened and I screamed, jumping out of the bath and glaring at Kaiba, "What are you trying to do?!"

    "Nothing," he stated again.

    "What are you doing to my babies?!" I blustered with tears in my eyes; the pain was unbearable.

    "Calm down; you weren't occupied in the water long enough for anything too serious to happen."

    I was just about to run up to Kaiba and throw a punch at him but I was stopped short by more vomiting. My stomach was hurting so bad; what was in that bottle that they put in the bath? Were they trying to abort my babies?

    "They're a nuisance," Kaiba spoke, reading my mind. "Hisao's orders."

    "You can tell Hisao to screw off!" I shouted. "Don't you dare try to kill my children!"

    I vomited once more, feeling like death. There were probably fumes coming out from the tub as well; I had to get out of that room. Wrapping my arms around my babies, I hunched over and pressed my forehead to the ground. I no longer cared if I was still naked in front of Kaiba; I needed to protect my unborn children. I couldn't allow anybody to try to abort them; I would never allow such a thing.

    A puddle gathered on the ground below me from the water draining off of my skin and dripping off of my hair. Eventually, my reflection was subtly showing and my eyes widened as I stared at myself; I didn't look like myself at all. My eyes were no longer shining, there were disturbingly dark circles under my eyes, my hair was thinning out, my cheekbones were almost showing, and my clavicle was protruding even further than usual.

    In spite of how horrid I appeared, I smiled, because Kai would still find me beautiful, and that was all I needed to know at that point.