• The young man came at a random occurrence. Bryin would come every day after his lessons and chores. We spoke little each time, but after a month or so we knew each other briefly.
    He was from a small family in the RedLands. His family sold vapsils and notorgs for their money. He sometimes helped with meals by hunting or by going to the market.
    Often that was his excuse for leaving the house. He knew little about the hunts, but that encouraged him to try. We often hunted, but when he doesn’t need to, he tells me about his lands. I become more and more intrigued. He tells me that he has never seen a person with black hair, and I agree. Excluding myself, I never saw a person with my hair color. Finally I ask him.
    “Do you find me strange?” He looked at me with a blank expression. “You’re different. Everybody would look at you with kindness. Possibly jealousy.” “Oh.” He got to the gates and he waved goodbye. I waved back then started home.

    I met him the next day after my meal. One the way to the RedLands he asked me how I got to the GreenLands. “I hardly remember…all I remember is waking up every day to hunt...” He looked at my face and talked in a serious tone. “Do you have amnesia?” “Not that I know of-““Why don’t you come to the town with me? My parents would thank you for helping me hunt.” I refused at first, kindly to show how thoughtful it was. Still, he insisted and I followed him to the gates.
    Looking onward I watched as he opened the gates and revealed the RedLands to me.