• Everything in the town was made around the trees. Houses made with poles and leaves filled the town. Tree houses were everywhere you found a tree, and they were huge. Kids ran around the town with yomus on, trying to have fun while not disturbing the adults.
    We walked into the town and walked through the pathways that were covered in red maple leaves. They relied on Q’saz leaves and paint for many things, like art and signs. When I was commanded to enter Bryin’s home, I saw his small living room. It was rather small, and the first floor was only two rooms-the kitchen/dining room and the living room. Leading me to the couch, I sat down as I heard him go to the kitchen to tell his meurnau that I was here. Quickly, as if it was a life-or-death situation, she came out and greeted me with a quick bow.
    “Jraap. I heard that you were a friend of my son’s.”
    “Yes, I helped your son hunt. That’s simply how we met-while in the GreenLands.”
    The conversation never escalated from there, and she told me about how dear her ‘little Bryin’ was to her. After some time she let me leave, giving me a vapsil she had made a day before, I was off to the GreenLands once more. This time Bryin tried his best to make it look like we were strangers.
    I arrived to the ‘entrance’ of the GreenLands and thanked Bryin again. He showed me his town and given me a vapsil, too much of a gift. I went home and put down the vapsil. Opening the box, the beautiful aqua vapsil shone brightly as the sun’s few rays hit it.
    The next morning, I put on my new vapsil and found my pouch near my door. I saw silver coins in my bag. Counting them, I realized I had just enough money to buy silk. I ate food I had from the day before then found some hair ties. But before I could braid my hair I heard movement outside the home. Slowly I peeked out the door, and there he was-Bryin.
    I let him inside and he gladly entered. He smiled as I did up my hair. After I was done I looked in the mirror and spun around to look at my back. “You look pretty in that dress.” I stopped and looked at him. It was a very…unusual statement. “Er…” Soon we were both distracted by screams coming from the RedLands. We ran towards it as fast as we could.