• Running and my adrenaline was all I remember. Then opening the gates. Then the screams. Children, women, men-they all screamed, some cried. We continued smashing through the crowd until we saw what happened. Blood. Death. It all reminded me of the murder of my parents. It all came too much to me to bear, and I closed my eyes.
    Please, gsyö́j, meurnau, please stay at rest in the GreenLands. Please.
    I looked up and noticed where we were. We were standing next to Bryin’s home. I know understand his sudden panic and tried to chase him to his front door. I ran into the door after him and saw what happened. His brother had been the one that the spirits took.

    We sat next to each other near his front door. His brother, Saki, was being sealed to the RedLands later and invited me to it. “I would have come either way.” He smiled then walked into his house. I could tell that he was hiding his sadness. “Are you imagining a life without him?” He stopped walking. “Just image a life you would have had if you never met him.” He went inside and didn’t come out until he heard the coaches leaving with his brother on the back. He looked at them then let me inside before shutting the door.
    “I’ve moved on since my parents’ death, but it still burns inside when I think about it. Still, I love them and I’m glad that they moved on.” He sat silent for a moment. “I guess I’ll get ready for the ceremony. Thank you for the advice.” He left and I started to trail behind him until I heard his meurnau come inside from the kitchen. “Thank you for helping Bryin.” She smiled then entered the kitchen again, preparing a meal. I left, then prepared with a red vapsil that symbolized Saki’s passing from the life on the ground to the soils of the RedLands.

    At the ceremony we all held hands and prayed with our eyes shut. After that the body was put in the ground of the city’s center, which had the richest soil. We covered it up then put presents on top of the body. Leaving, we all were silent. This week would be the least happy of them all.