• Merged Team - Day 17

    *Afternoon. Willow, Kiah, Lucky and Leland are sitting around the fire. Leland, Lucky and Ririsu are cooking a fish.*

    *Kiah looks out and sees Alex and Snow by the shore.*

    *Clip of Lucky.*

    *Clip of Kiah.*

    Kiah: (camera) Since we know Willow, Leland, Snow and Alex have an alliance...its been kinda weird o.e;

    *Clip of Ririsu in the woods.*

    Ririsu: La dee da le daa 8DD

    *Clip of Lucky again next to the fire.*

    *He then smirks.*

    Lucky: (camera) Suddenly...I had an idea...my plan is to make one of the Blue Team members mad at me..and i'll win immunity today...or atleast try >___>;

    *Clip of everyone.*

    Lucky: (camera) I just had to think...who can i try and get mad? All of the sudden...it hit me.

    *Clip of Willow and Leland. Alex and Snow come back.*

    Alex: Fish ok?

    Leland: Yep :3

    Lucky: ....Willow, you should put more twigs in the fire.

    Willow: >____>;

    Lucky: Just saying if you don't want the fire to go out, put something in it to make it last longer ><

    *Willow then starts putting more twigs in.*

    Alex: o.o;

    Kiah: o:

    Kiah: (camera) Lucky doesnt normally act like that...i knew he was coming up with some sort of idea .w. But why? Dx

    Lucky: Damn, someone else should've made this fire.

    Willow: ..... >-<

    Snow: o.o

    Lucky: For someone who doesn't know how to control it >___>

    Leland: o.o

    Leland: (camera) I was actually kind of suprised that Willow wasn't saying anything at ALL.

    Willow: ><

    Lucky: I'll make the fire next time I guess.

    Snow: o.o

    *Willow then rises up and gabs the pot.*

    Alex: Willow?

    Snow: Where u going? D:

    *Willow goes to the shore and puts water in it.*

    Kiah: o.o

    *She then walks back to the fire and throws the water on the fire putting it out.*

    Kiah: .____.;

    Leland: o.o

    Willow: (walking away) I built that damn fire and i can put it out just as easily.

    Lucky: .-.

    *Willow walks away.*

    Willow: (camera) Not satisfied with my fire? Then make your own little fire pit somewhere and make one yourself. >___>;

    *Ririsu comes back*

    Ririsu: What I miss? .___.

    Kiah: Alot o.e;

    Snow: (camera) Wow things arent going too good. .-. Thank goodness im not in the middle of it! X___X

    *Clip of Willow at the shore, looking at the water.*


    CHALLENGE!!! biggrin D

    *Camera zooms into Statik behind a table and 2 benches where the 7 can sit.*

    Statik: Come on in guys! 8D

    *Willow, Kiah, Snow, Lucky, Ririsu, Leland and Alex walk in and they all sit on a bench.*

    Statik: Hai everyone! Welcome! Today we're gonna have the survivor auction! Below you guys is 500 gold. :3 Im gonna bring out an item! Bidding starts at 20 gold.
    Person with the highest bid gets it! n.n You guys ready for your first item? o:

    Kiah: Yesh :3

    Alex: Mhm =]

    *Statik takes out a plate with a cover on it.*

    Ririsu: Chur not gonna show us what it is? o:

    Statik: Nuh D; First bid starts at 20 gold.

    Willow: 40.

    Statik: Willow says 40 gold!

    Leland: 100 gold >>

    Statik: Wow! 100 gold from Leland

    Ririsu: 120 >->

    Willow: D:

    Statik: 120 for Ririsu!

    Willow: 140 o:

    Statik: 140 for Willow!

    Alex: 160!

    Statik: 160 for Alexx!

    Willow: Stop! D< 180 :3

    Statik: 180 for Willow! Going once...going twice...SOLD TO WILLOW!!

    *Willow rises and pays Statik.*

    Statik: Ready to see what it ish? o:

    Willow: Better be good D:

    *Statik relases it.*

    Statik: 3 chocolate chip cookiesss!

    Willow: OH MY GOD!!!!!

    Lucky: >_<

    Kiah: Luckkyy! Dx

    *Willow takes a bite.*

    Willow: *-*

    *She takes the plate and goes back up.*

    Willow: 8D

    Statik: Next item...

    *Statik brings out another covered plate.*

    Statik: Lets start the bidding at...80 gold.

    Lucky: 100!

    Leland: 140! >:3

    Ririsu: 180 Dx

    Alex: 200

    Statik: Alex! For 200! Going once...

    Lucky: 220!

    Statik: Lucky for 220...going once...going twice...SOLD TO LUCKY!

    *Lucky gets up and pays.*

    Statik: Wanna know what it is? c:

    Lucky: Yush Dx

    *Statik uncovers it.*

    Statik: Thats a cheeseburger and fries lunch! =O

    Everyone: O__O

    Lucky: YUS! YUS! 8D

    Alex: Grrr...

    Leland: Dx

    *Lucky takes his plate up.*

    *Ririsu goes for a fry.*

    Ririsu: >->

    *Lucky slaps her hand.*

    Ririsu: Dx

    Statik: Okay, next item is going to be a nice hot bath! First person to bid 300 gold gets it!

    Snow: 300!!!!!!

    Statik: Snow! Gets a nice hot bath!

    Snow: EEEE! 8D

    Kiah: Oohhh you lucky person >____>;

    *Snow gets up*

    Statik: Get undressed behind the tree XDD

    *Snow gets undressed and puts towel in front of her so no one looks. She gets in.*

    Snow: mmmmm feels gooood! 8D

    Ririsu: I bet D;

    *Snow washes her hair.*

    Snow: imma be squeaky clean ;D

    Statik: Ok next item!

    *She brings out a covered plate.*

    Statik: Bidding at....200 gold

    Alex: Leland, wanna split it?

    Leland: Yus!

    Alex: 200!

    Statik: 200 for Leland and Alex

    Kiah: 300! D:

    Statik: 300 for Kiah!

    Alex and Leland: 320!

    Ririsu: 380! >->

    Statik: 380 for Ririsu! Going once...going twice...

    Alex: 440!

    Statik: 440 for Leland and Alex...going once...going twice...SOLD TO LELAND AND ALEX!

    *Snow washes her arms.*

    Snow: =3

    *Alex and Leland pay.*

    Statik: HERE is what u bought....

    *She uncovers it.*

    Statik: A whole pie of pepperoni pizza!

    Alex: YUUUSSS!!!

    Leland: 8DDD

    Ririsu: D<

    Kiah: Dx

    *They take it up and start eating away.*

    Willow: O.o;

    Statik: Ok...next item! c:

    Statik: Its gonna stay covered!

    Ririsu: Screw this i want something! 500 gold! D:

    Statik: Sold to Ririsu .___.

    Alex: Watch it be a glass of water XDD

    Ririsu: HUSH! D<

    *Ririsu rises and pays.*

    Statik: Wanna know what it is?

    Ririsu: Pleaseee let it be good! Dx plz plz plz plz plz pleasseee! T_____T

    *Statik takes it off.*

    Statik: An ice cream sundae!

    Ririsu: =O! YAAAAAY! c:

    *Ririsu snatches the spoon from Statik and eats it.*

    Statik: k .____.

    Ririsu: 8DDD :3

    *Alex and Leland burp.*

    Willow: >___>

    *Snow washes her hair with conditioner.*

    Statik: Ok...next person to bid 400g gets this item.

    Kiah: I WANT IT! 400g!

    Lucky: o:

    Statik: Okay Kiah are you ready to see what it was?

    Kiah: Yes

    Statik: It is...

    *She takes it out.*

    Statik: The immunity necklace!

    Alex: OMG!!

    Lucky: Holy--- .-.

    Kiah: YES! OMG! 8DD

    Willow: Totally not expected D:

    Kiah: :3

    *Kiah goes to Statik and she puts the necklace around her.*

    Statik: Kiah is safe from tonight's vote, and has a 1/6 shot at winning!

    Lucky: D:

    Statik: As for the rest of you...tribal council, someone will be voted off! D: Head back T____T

    *Clip of Kiah.*

    *Clip of everyone else.*

    END OF PART 2 OF 3!!!